Saturday 30 July 2011

Life be in it

I love Instagram. For those who don't know Instagram is a cool iPhone app that you can capture and share photos with others. I often use my Instagram photos on my blog.

As a way to document my growing waistline, I've been posting a bump photo most Fridays.

Here's the one from yesterday. I told you I was big. I thought I looked a little like Norm, sans the tinny and couch.

I didn't really take any bump pix with the girls, so it's been kind of interesting to do it third time round. The bump has certainly been more impressive third time round anyway.

Any hoo, must stop being a Norm and get this weekend started.

Have a fab one! x


  1. Hi Norma - (I do mean corrine and not norma)

    great photo and good on you for taking each friday - that is a great idea.

    have a lovely weekend


  2. How far along are you now, Norm? Tee hee.

    I'm terrified with how big my bump is going to get this time around, it feels huge already and I'm only four months.

  3. Oh it's a beautiful bump Corinne :o)
    It's funny, with my first, I took a photo towards the end, I actually set the camera on timer and did it all myself as I was embarrassed to have anyone else take a pic at that stage of the pregnancy. Second time round, my Mama actually snapped one of me, a real candid one, but I looked so happy in it... massive... but happy ;o)
    I can't get enough of the bump photos and LOTS of my friends are pregnant at the mo and posting their bump pics on facebook.
    And I actually think you look very neat, all baby! xo

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