Saturday 23 July 2011

Happy birthday little lady

Today, my littlest girl turned three. I can't believe it was three years ago that she came into our world. Some days it feels like she's been here forever and other days it feels like no time at all.

Everything about this little lady is surprising. She's patient and smart, yet fiery and impulsive. I never expected to have a child with curly hair, yet here she is with her golden spirals. She's a comedian, naturally funny. She knows how to hold an audience. She gives away kisses and cuddles to anyone she likes the look of, even if she's just met them. Just don't annoy her, cause she will attack. She's a complete Daddy's girl, yet can push his buttons like no-one else.

Three years ago, my obstetrician said there's no way she would be born that day, yet she arrived. As I said, she's surprising.

I love being surprised by her. I love the joy she brings to our lives. I love her sweetness and her sassiness. Most of all, I just love her.

To celebrate the day, we had family and a couple of close friends come by for cake. I'm glad we kept it small as the weather has been so atrocious we had to keep it inside our tiny house. Our little one had the time of her life.

Here are some pix:

What's a party without chocolate crackles?

The girls loved making these flower bikkies.

The fairy garden cake. 
The thing I love most about this cake is the toadstools I made. Strawberries and cream lollies
cut in half, a mini-marshmallow stalk and white icing dots. 
Daddy's girl having a dance with Daddy.

Blowing out all three candles.

The knife came out clean, much to the relief of her cousin.
The girls have cut all of their birthday cakes with our wedding cake knife, I love this tradition we've created.


  1. happy birthday Miss 3! such a sweet sweet post and gorgeous pics to celebrate.

    happy birthday to you too mamma, you deserve a big squishy hug too ♥

  2. Oh corrine

    that is a lovely post

    an extraordinary journey so far.

    3 years of complete joy and tears mixed together.

    Your description is wonderful of her

    and no-one really remembers the mummy

    So here I am remembering you - congratulations mummy.

    3 years ago you endured birth after a 9 month haul of weight, fluid, hormones and tears.

    It is all worth while - she looks beautiful and perfect - your husband and you are very lucky



  3. A lovely post about a lovely day. That is a fantastic cake, my girls would have loved that.
    You have a very special girl there. I'm glad she had a great day. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Little Daze! It was my youngest's birthday on Thursday and we have a big party in the park tomorrow. Can't wait!

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday Goosey! I love your party spread, it looked like such a special day. xx

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!

    The party sounded wonderful, and the cake looks fantastic!! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked.

    I will have a similiar post tomorrow, after my baby's 3rd Birthday party too.


  7. Happy Birthday Goosey! Looks like a great party and that cake? A TRIUMPH! Well done x

  8. Happy 3rd birthday to you both.
    Super special times.

  9. Oh I love that tradition too - how very special!

    Happy birthday to your lovely little lady, wishing her many more years of impulsive affection and endearing her audiences xx

  10. Oh Happy Birthday Goosey! I love this post Corinne, full of love and pride :o)
    Gorgeous pics too! Look at those beautiful baked goods. The cake is incredible... how I love the girly cake options.
    She looks so cute in that pic in the bath, like a little doll xo

  11. A very nice tradition you have with your children!!


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