Thursday 28 July 2011

Pulp non-fiction

Last night, I lived out a dream that began 16 years ago. When I was 19 years old, the Britpop explosion happened and I used to spend my Saturday nights dancing away at Britpop events. Fairly sad nightclubs with awesome music. It was so, so much fun. My mate at the time and I were there almost every weekend. Funnily enough, Skip was there too was mutual friends but we never crossed paths. Then during the week I'd go to my friend's place and smoke cigarettes and listen to Blur, Supergrass, Oasis, Elastica and, of course, Pulp to the early hours. We'd talk about if Blur were in fact smurfs disguised as humans and I advised him on transforming his blonde ponytail into the right Jarvis mop.

Back in the day when Pulp toured, I was out of the country so missed it. I thought I'd catch them next time. I didn't realise that next time would be when I was 35 and pregnant with my third child!

Over the past years, I've still held a torch for Jarvis and co. Whenever Skip wants to get me in a party mood, he throws on the album Different Class and says I instantly begin to strut like I'm Mick Jagger. Over the years, we've had many a Pulp 'concert' at home and they've been brilliant.

Last night, with a gut out to here and a nasty head cold, I wasn't even sure I was going to make Pulp this time round. But make it I did. I even danced despite the punters who kept bumping into my bump. I don't think I got a strut out, but I definitely bopped and I definitely enjoyed every. single. moment. For a brief moment when Jarvis took the stage and Common People was blaring, I was that 19 year old again, dancing carelessly on a Saturday night.

It was well worth the wait.


  1. yay!!!!!! so happy that you had a brilliant time lovely! xxx

  2. Oh, that is so awesome!

    You're a pregnant superhero!

    So much respect :)

    P.S new to your blog, and just love it!

  3. Different Class was, and still is one of my all time favourite albums. I wish I waas seeing them in Melbourne, but not to be. sadly. Apart from common people and disco 2000, my favourite song is live bed show. ahhh the memories!

  4. That sounds like you had a blast!!!

    Way to take of your 19 year old self :)

    The joy comes through your writing. Made me smile for you.

  5. Happy you got to experience it, but sad I wasn't there to join you!
    Oh Jarvis, how much do I love thee???
    Let me count the ways....


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