Thursday 21 July 2011

Facing up to the Facebook Fad

For the past couple of weeks, for some unknown reason, I haven't been able to access Facebook (or Twitter or You Tube) from my laptop. Occasionally, during the day, I'll take a peek on my phone. Since this has happened I've found my love affair with Facebook is dying, in fact, I think it might already be dead.

I'll admit there was time where I loved Facebook, I loved checking what people were up to, seeing their photos and reading their thoughts. Now, I find, I just get annoyed when I look. There always seems to be someone pushing some kind of political agenda (which is often different to my own). There's someone playing some stupid game and as fast as I can block them they've found a new game to play. There's someone saying something I think is just plain stupid/racist/sexist. Then there's the parent who updates every time their child moves or wees. Then there's the other person who updates every time the eat or drink at the pub. Then there's the person who vaguebooks (writes a vague status update to capture attention) which has to be at the top of the annoying parts of Facebook.

Don't get me wrong, I've been guilty numerous times of all the above sins. For some reason, it's just not that fun anymore. It's all a bit ho hum. In fact, it's more than that, it's annoying. Funny though, I don't find the same things annoying on Twitter, maybe because it moves a bit faster. Or maybe Tweeps are more savvy and write about the mundane in more entertaining way. I don't know.

I love Facebook for catching up with family and friends overseas and sharing photos. It's often a good way to get in touch with a group of people quickly. But that's about it. I've recently done a cull of "friends" to see if that made it less annoying, but now I'm thinking I might just flick the switch entirely.

Are you a Facebook fanatic? Or do you loathe it?


  1. So much truth!
    Yet, I still FB!
    I am particularly irritated by the 'vaguebook'ers. (Love your term too!) Why do you put a teaser out there if you "can't reveal just yet".
    The playground equivalent of dancing around, taunting with "I've gooot a seeeecret. I'm not gooonna teeeell you."
    Magoo just farted - better go update my status. Hee hee.

  2. I have to use fb for work, I don't like it but that is where the target market prefers to hang out. Can't wait til everyone just makes it to twitter...bu then again, it might ruin my love of twitter...

    Also I might like fb better if they made it easier to use for businesses, but it is clunky and difficult to navigate.

  3. I'm experimenting with G+ at the moment as I want something that is easier to customise than FB; something that I can easily shut work and family out of if needed!

    More often than not, I'd rather not post anything on FB. I unfriended a bunch of people a while ago but I still feel annoyed with it.

  4. My goodness Corinne, you could be reading my mind in this post. I was a late bloomer to Facebook, I've only been on there for about 18 months and I purely caved as I had quite a few friends egging me on to share pics of Angus as a babe. I went along because like yourself, I love the connection to family and 'most' friends and their pics etc...
    But the status updates... come. on! If I'm in the mood for a laugh and not likely to get totally pissed off, I jump on for a look-see. But the vaguebook you speak of (excellent description by the way), they just do my head in. I always know I need to close it down when I am tempted to write a really scathing comment underneath those vague status updates. Oh yes, I have a love hate relationship with FB ;o) xo

  5. I SO agree with you. I'm over it. It's too noisy. Too much ranting. Too much gloating. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

    Just yesterday I dreamed about removing myself from it, but I have to use it for work and it just wouldn't work.

  6. Hi there :)

    I'm a newbie to your blog & love it!

    I also recently deleted my FB and LOVE that I have!

    If you read through your mini feed, and have a really critical look at it, you'll see it's just a bunch of wannabe comedians, attention seekers, and FAR too many 'vaguebookers' (btw, best term).

    When I deleted mine, I found I'm far less irritated! I truly am. I believe it's directly linked to the fact that I am now FB free.

    Do it. I highly recommend :)

  7. I put this on facebook.

  8. Ah, Corinne. I hear you, my friend. In stereo. I am seriously considering deleting my account as well or at least unfriending lots of people to get back to the basics of why I started using it in the first place. Blogging is so much more rewarding I find, don't you? J x

  9. Hi Corrine

    I quite dislike facebook - but luuuuuurve Twitter


  10. I love fb only so I can ee my grandchildren that live in Colorado. I like to see what my nieces and nephews are up to but as they get older I have been getting leery. A little too much has been going on with them. Twitter is awesome but I don't really tweet I may respond but it is rare for me to put something out there. Im boring. haha


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