Friday 1 July 2011

Girls' weekend

This morning we waved a slightly hungover Skip (he was out celebrating the end of financial year last night as nerdy financial types do) for the weekend. He's going on a bucks weekend, which leaves me and the girls home alone for 50 or so hours.

Today we've got Lil-lil's end of term ballet performance and then we'll probably hit the park as we always do on a Friday. The weekend will involve an open house (for the love of god), a girly afternoon tea party with good friends and probably some catching up with my brother and nephew who are visiting from Vietnam. My brother told me I'd gotten fat and then remembered I was pregnant, luckily he redeemed himself by bringing me some DVDs. Then Skip will probably return home on Sunday worse for wear and stink up my couch.

While I'm not looking forward to single parenting, a couple of nights at home with complete control of the remote (trashy TV and good movies) and some takeaway of my choosing will be nice. I think I'll abandon cooking for the whole weekend, except we might make a cake. I think cake will be necessary.

What do you like to do when your other half goes MIA?


  1. I farm the woogettes off to grandma's and hit the town! Or the couch xx

  2. I usually go to my Mum's place and hang out there. Pathetic! But I HATE solo parenting. Have fun Mama x

  3. Haha, love it! Funnily enough your weekend sounds pretty darn good... solo parenting included! Not that I find it easy, but I do like the sense of calm when hubby is not around 'stirring the boys up'!
    I can also relate to this well, as hubby has one of his best mates over from Singapore for a week. He has already blocked out the 'necessary' days and times on the calendar... I don't plan to see him much.
    Also, we're both 'financial types', so EOFY always spells drinks/late night celebrations... but not this year for me... as I've been on maternity leave!
    Hope you have a lovely time with your lovely ladies :o) xo

  4. I usually high-tail it to my parents, if it's a weekend. I am not a good solo parent for anything beyond 24 hours!

  5. I tend to not cook and enjoy sleeping in my bed and have all the pillows to myself. I also get to watch all the shows my husband despises in peace.

  6. I blog!
    Enjoy your girls weekend - of the tamer variety!

  7. I've just had a week of it. It was school holidays too. We embraced late starts, pyjama days and snack dinners. At night I tweeted and blogged!


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