Wednesday 13 July 2011

Bestest sisters

These school holidays we've spent a lot of time just hanging at home. It's been great though as it's given the girls a chance to just be together. They've created imaginary worlds, jumped for hours on the trampoline, created Lego cities and most of all just had fun being together.

Sure they've had their fights and Lil-lil has declared on more than one occasion: "It's really hard having a little sister!" But the majority of the time they've been, in their words, "bestest sisters". Playing nicely, hugging on the couch, looking after each other and lots of giggling.

I hope they remain the best of friends in the coming years, though I'm sure there will be lots of ups and downs. It's nice to know they'll always have each other. That they'll have a sister on their side.

Yesterday, we were heading to pick up some dry cleaning when Goosey cried out to Lil-lil as she ran away towards the car: "But I love you!" And Lil-lil stopped and took her hand and said: "Don't you want me to go back to preschool?" Goosey shook her head. "But I have to go to preschool so I can learn what to do at big school, but don't worry I'll be back in the afternoons." And then they gave each other the biggest hug. I couldn't make this stuff up.

As we drove off, I snuck a peek in the rearview mirror and caught them holding hands and snapped the picture above.

Don't worry, they're not always this sickly sweet. There's a lot of fist-to-fist combat, hair pulling, scratching and general whacking. That's why I have to record these moments, when the fighting gets out of control and they're plotting to destroy the other, I can remind myself that they do actually love each other.


  1. That is so, so gorgeous!
    Definitely the moments to treasure.

  2. That is the best photo in the world!

    Seriously - I really mean get it enlarged and frame it- It could go in each of their rooms



  3. as fi would say....'oh bless lovely!' xx

  4. So very, very sweet & what a gorgeous photo. I do look forward to the day when my youngest has the vocabulary to communicate with my oldest, so that they play together happily at least some of the time, rather than lots of screeching and protesting. No idea if this is a reality or if I'm dreaming!

  5. LOVE! I have started seeing glimmers of this - gives me hope for the future!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, all of it! The picture, your girls... sooo sweet and lovely. These moments melt my heart xo

  7. Such a delightful post Corinne. It must make your heart melt to witness these moments, beautiful.
    Love the pic also, very professional for a shot taken from the front seat :o) xo

  8. That sounds so much like my brothers and I! I used to fight with them all the time, and now that we are older, we are all closer than ever.

    It would have been nice to know what it was like to have a sister though...

    Nice posts! [=

  9. OMG!! That is the sweetest picture in the world!!

    That would have brought a tear to my eye!!
    How fortunate that you were able to get a picture.


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