Monday 4 July 2011

When life gets in the way of life

Well, I survived the solo weekend. Pretty well in fact. It was lovely to catch up with friends and family. It was lovely to lock the door and tune out the world early on both nights and just be with my girls.

Skip came home surprisingly chipper and unstinky from his boys weekend. We even managed to have a really lovely family lunch just the four of us.

The only bad thing was that the girls developed a feral cough that hacked through the night keeping them (and me) awake. Last night was a shocker. It was about 1am before I managed to get any sleep and then it was broken. I've also had more aches and pains than a 90-year-old, so have been hobbing round like a granny.

Just when you think you have things under control, life throws up all this 'stuff' to make everything seem busy and complicated. That's been the story of my life the past couple of weeks. Every things has seemed cruisy and then without warning gets complicated. Freelance work, school holidays (which I'd forgotten about), sick kids, extra doctor's appointments, helping out others unexepectedly. Which is all fine, it's just made life that little bit extra busy and any thoughts of putting my feet up a distant idea.

This morning has been a little crazy, I'm feeling like I'm getting sick and my workload is mounting – so I've decided to shelve the outside world, rug the sick kids up on the couch and a DVD and settle down and get some work done. Grocery shopping can wait, the other chores can wait.

On the upside I won a competition today and I have a couple of really special things to look forward to at the end of the week. So just gotta keep on chugging!


  1. There must be something in the water, Corinne, because I've been thinking exactly the same thing. One step forward, 5 steps back for me right now. Can't seem to get on top of things and just when I think I'm about to reach the summit... ugh, hello life, there you are!

    Hope you reach your summit this week. I'm going for you! x

  2. Ilife does this to see how much you can take at one time and then you tell it enough. Keeps things interesting!! haha

    Hope you and your family feel better!

  3. Roger that Corinne. Life is a full on beast isn't it?!
    I have had a very hectic few weeks also, it builds and builds, to the point where I am kind of nervous if things are going smoothly... because surely there is something even bigger around the corner to smack me down. Oh well, as long as we keep picking ourselves up, we'll be right :o)
    Glad to hear the solo weekend went well. They're often not as bad as you expect... though I wouldn't want to do them too often that being said ;o) xo

  4. I read over at Nikki from Styling You about this thing she does with an onion for a cough. I sceptically gave it a go. It seriously works.

    Basically you cut an onion in half and put it on a plate on the bedside of the cougher. Voila they stop coughing.


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