Saturday 30 April 2011

Oh, what a night!

I enjoyed every minute of the wedding. The pomp, the ceremony, the guests and, of course, the gorgeous couple. They looked truly happy. And that dress, my word, that dress. I didn't expect to be wowed by Kate or the dress, but I was, she looked simply divine.

It was so nice just to watch a couple of hours of happiness and smiles. We've been bombarded with such sad and tragic images this year, that a day of happiness was just the tonic. Sure it was over the top and extravagant, has nothing to do with my life or the state of the world, but who cares? Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the bleak and just be swept up in a real-life fairytale. Isn't that what the royal family is for after all?

Friday 29 April 2011

Royal remembrance

I have to admit, I'm a little excited about watching the royal wedding this evening. I'm actually surprised that I am excited about watching it. I'm not a royalist or a royal watcher. The only time I've followed the Royal Family in recent years was when I worked on a weekly gossip magazine and it was part of my job to know what they were up to.

Thinking about why I might be excited, I was instantly reminded of Charles and Diana's wedding. I was the same age as Lil-lil is now. I remember watching it while wearing a pink dressing gown that I was certain made me look like Lady Di. I thought it was the most amazing, wonderful, magical thing in the world. I thought she was beautiful, a real-life princess. About year later, I received a porcelain doll for my birthday, which I named Diana. When the Windsors visited Australia with baby Wills in 1983, I desperately hoped that they'd make a surprise visit to my school. Alas, they did not.

As the years went by, my interest waned, but Diana was always there in the background. A constant. I doubt there was ever a week when she wasn't on the cover of at least one Australian magazine. I'd forgotten until this week just how intense the interest was in her. We watched their family grow, her increasing sadness, their holidays, family events, the scandals. Even if you weren't interested you couldn't escape it.

I remember coming home from my year 12 formal and hearing that Charles and Diana had split up. In July 1997, I remember sitting on the lawn in Kensington Gardens just outside of the palace and looking up at the windows and imagining what room might be her bedroom. Thinking wouldn't it be great to get just a glimpse of her. In reality she was probably with Dodi on a boat somewhere in the Med. I remember a month later hearing she'd been in a car crash and then going to see a movie thinking: 'Poor Di can't cop a break, she'll be so sad losing her new love'. Then coming out of that movie and learning she'd died.

I'm going to sit up and watch the wedding tonight, eat some choccy, soak in the pagaentry, wish Will and Kate the best and then go back to my right royal indifference tomorrow. I'm sure I'll also get a little nostalgic about that other wedding 30 years ago, when a little Sydney girl in a pink dressing gown dreamt of being a princess...

Are you going to watch the wedding?

Thursday 28 April 2011

Flying not so high

My view for around 3 hours.
Wow, I'm back! What a week it's been. There have been highs (which I'm going to write about tomorrow) and there have been lows (which you'll here about right now).

Last Tuesday was a busy day. I had a house to get ready for the first open inspection – tidying, last minute painting, high pressure hose cleaning, carpet cleaning. I ran around all day frantically. Finally at 3pm, I threw some stuff in our suitcases grabbed the kids and went to pick up Skip. As I drove out of my street all the things I forgot to do and pack filled my head. I realised I hadn't eaten since 7am.

I picked up Skip, who assured me to let it all. 'We're on holidays! Let's just forget about it all.' So, I started to finally relax.

At the airport, there was a rather large crowd, but we didn't think about it too much. As we queued at the check in, we realised that the queue for the security gate was very long. It was in fact closed. We were told that there had been a security breach and the terminal had been cleared, so everyone would have to wait.

Oh well, if our flight was a little late that didn't matter. We'd grab some dinner and relax. We were on holidays!

Minutes turned into hours. The terminal filled and filled and filled. We were so crammed in I started to get a little panicky. Firstly, what if the kids need to go to the loo? There was no way to get there. What if the massive crowd of people suddenly surged forward? The kids would be crushed. We'd already seen people get crushed in a crowd on an escalator where they had no where to go. The whole thing was a debacle, no-one seemed to be in charge or know what the hell was going on. It was awful, awful, awful.

The girls were amazingly good, seeing as it was dinner and bed time and we were stuck in a queue with no food. I was very proud of them.

At last, the queue started moving, albeit slowly. The people around us were lovely and patient, until a family of about five older kids and four adults pushed their way through. The mum looked at us and shrugged: "I can't be bothered waiting anymore with my kids." I couldn't believe it.

We finally got through. Even my uber-pessimistic husband remained remarkably and unusually cheery, refusing this hiccup to dampen our precious holiday. We ran to the gate. Our flight wasn't listed anywhere. A member of the airport ground staff gruffly said: "No flight tonight. You might get on one tomorrow. Probably not."
I turned to look at the kids and Lil-lil said: "I can't wait to get up in the air." Which nearly broke my heart. I then had to tell her there would be no flight tonight. She was understandably confused. Why did we have to wait so long? I wish I knew.

That was it. No explanation. No official word from the airline. Nothing. We were told to go to a certain desk at the front of the terminal, where we'd just queued for 3 hours, to find out what was going on. That desk was flocked with people. We decided that we'd been at the airport for 4 hours, there was no way we were getting out tonight, we may as well go home and call. At least then we could be fed and comfortable and the kids could go to bed. It was 9pm by now.

We called and were told that there was no flight available until Friday afternoon and 'sorry for the inconvinience'. Now I don't lose it often, but this was where I lost it. Inconvenience?! The 5-star hotel we'd booked for our first night was sitting empty. Our hire car in the car park of the airport. Having to tell the kids there would be no Dreamworld. Being told that half of our precious holiday was gone. The only time Skip could get off before the new bub arrives. The last chance of some quality family time in an incredibly  busy year with new jobs, new homes, new babies. Inconvenience wasn't really the word that sprang to my mind. Heartbreaking. Absurd. Ridiculous. Infuriating. These words came closer.

The kids in bed, we decided we were going on our holiday, one way or another. Even if we had to hop in the car and drive.

After scouring the internet and deciding that parting with more than a few dollars (which I think we should be reimbursed) was better than missing out on this precious time, we found a flight leaving Newcastle at 6.00am the following morning. It was now 10pm. We booked the flights, jumped into bed for a couple of hours and at 2.30am we were in the car heading north. The kids were confused but slept the two hour drive. There was no way that we weren't going on this holiday. As we were lined up at the check-in, the other flight leaving that morning was told it was cancelled and they had to board a bus to Sydney to get another flight. We breathed a HUGE sigh of relief that it wasn't our flight.

We boarded the plane and we made it. Our hire car was still there (thank God as there were none other available). We arrived at Dreamworld at the exact same time we planned to.

A week later we were headed home. Just 10 minutes from the airport and the phone rang. Our flight home was cancelled. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH. I could not believe it. Skip had to be back at work for an important meeting the next morning. They told us they could put us on a flight the next morning, but we'd have the leave from Sunshine Coast Airport, instead of Brisbane Airport.  We were headed north yet again. At dinner time. Trying to find somewhere to stay the night.

I called the car rental company to tell them that we would keep the car an extra night and would drop it off at a different location. They said that was fine. We finally got to the new destination and got dinner and got settled in. The phone rang again. The car had to be taken back to Brisbane Airport or we'd be charged $5000. Skip jumped back into the car drove 100km to the airport, swapped cars and drove 100km back.

Debacle. Complete debacle.

We finally got back to Sydney and had to wait 40 minutes at the carousel for our luggage. Skip made his meeting 20 minutes late.

I can safely say that I will never, ever, ever fly that airline again. For such a short trip and such a routine flight, it was the most ridiculous chain of events. I'm just glad that the holiday itself was perfect. Tune into tomorrow for all the good stuff.

Edited to add: I wrote this post as a stream of consciouness late last night in a tired state. Just poured out my memories of the chain of events. At the time I wasn't going to name the airline, but after thinking about it during the night and after a few comments, I've decided to name names. Purely because the customer service we received was abysmal. Not once was there any care or concern shown, and in some circumstances we weren't able to talk to anyone from the company at all. I fear this wasn't a one-off glitch but a regular occurrence for this airline. Also, the other airlines that were affected by the security breach worked together to get their passengers to their destination asap, not so our airline. I wouldn't like to taint those airlines' reputations but not naming. So, the airline we were bitten by was Tiger Airways.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

And on the seventh day... It rained

Usually when we go on holidays it rains. I don't know why, it's just the way it is. I'm kind of used to it now. I almost expect it.

This holiday, we've been blessed with gorgeous weather. Stunning weather. Warm, sunny, perfect. Today, we're all feeling blue that our holiday is coming to an end and the skies turned grey and poured rain. I don't mind, we've had such amazing days. It gives us an excuse to lie around guilt free. Reflect on what a wonderful time we've had.

Do we really have to go home? It's been such bliss.

Monday 25 April 2011

Following the leader

On Easter Sunday, we decided to take a break from the beach and walk off the chocolate by heading to Mt Warning.
This holiday Goosey has yet again shown she likes to throw herself head first into everything. Surf, water slides, mountains. Everything is: 'let me go first'. She has no fear of anything. In her world, she's the biggest and best and bossiest. We are just her followers.

So follow our fearless leader we do.

She certainly embodies the ANZAC spirit our her forefathers.

Lest we forget.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Holiday, it would be so nice

It's Tuesday! Hurrah! I've been waiting for this day for weeks. The day when getting this god foresaken house ready for open inspections is finished. The day when we can pack our bags and forget about lists and chores. The day when tired, sick, cranky, shouty mama gets left behind and happy, relaxed, chilled out mama gets discovered.

Before we get on that flight tonight, I have a list as long as my arm to get finished. I may need to put the kids in straight jackets in the mean time. Their fighting has been out of this world the past day or so, they both have war wounds to prove it. I'm hoping some time away will calm everyone down.

The past few weeks, it's felt like the universe has thrown everything at me to make this time even harder. Agonising back pain, ear infections, gastro. Here we are on the other side. The house isn't as perfect as I'd hoped and there are plenty of things I wished I'd managed to get done, but I've done my best.

Now it's time to forget about the house and time for a week of thinking about beach, pool, sleeping, eating out, Easter eggs, reading books, playing, having fun. Bring it on.

Have a happy Easter all. Have a safe and happy extra long holiday weekend. Eat plenty of Easter eggs and Anzac bikkies. I'm sure I'll post while I'm away. x

PS - Check out Kristin's blog for her adventure with me and Goosey at my dad's place.

Monday 18 April 2011

Memories in the making

We're going on holidays tomorrow. Not to London or New York liked we hoped to do this year, just a week next to the beach on the far north coast of NSW. We will go to Dreamworld, so for the kids it will be better than Europe. It's going to be our very last family holiday as a family of four.

Last night, my sister-in-law made an off-hand comment about the lovely memories Lil-lil will have of this holiday, now she's at an age she'll remember. My first thought was: "Oh God, she'll now remember my inadequate parenting." My second thought was: "I wonder what things she'll remember from this time in her life?"

She'll certainly remember playing in the park with her neighbourhood mates, she does that every. single. day. I'm sure she'll remember driving around in the back of our car singing The Lovecats at the top of her lungs, music is something that sticks in your memory. She will probably remember the excitement of Dreamworld.

I have memories of being quite young, while my brothers laugh at me and say I'm making it up, I put this down to moving around to quite distinctly different places in just a couple of years. I can pinpoint memories rather than them just mushing all into one if I'd lived in the same home. My young memories are of quite random things though, not the significant milestones.

I vividly remember standing on the front lawn of our house in Trinidad one evening and hearing Another One Bites the Dust floating up the street from a club or a house or something.
I remember a shop in Trinidad having seagulls hanging from the ceiling. I remember driving around with my mum and brothers getting ready for a party we were having, I got told off for something, so I decided: "I'll show them. I'll pretend I'm asleep." I really fell asleep and then woke hours later in the back of the car in the driveway with a whole group of kids looking in the window at me.
I remember driving near the local 'Haunted House' and my brothers telling me a machete-wielding maniac lived there and being completely terrified.

Whenever I taste really cheap, plastic-y mayonnaise, I'm transported back to when I was a preschool in the US and being told my mum was going to be late picking me up. I think I choked on the sandwich and threw a big tantrum about not being picked up on time.

I remember driving around the US in the back of my dad's car listening to Hotel California and Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree, which is weird cause I can't see my jazz-obsessed Dad liking either song and voluntarily playing them on his 8-track (hey, it was early 1981).

I remember when we came home to Sydney with all these gifts for our cousins and aunties and uncles and thinking: "Who are these strange people and why are we giving them all this good stuff?"

I remember having dinner with my grandfather and cousins at a Chinese restaurant and my cousins laughing at me because I said 'sidewalk'. Again I wondered why we were seeing these people and giving them presents when they obviously had no idea about anything.

I can't wait to hear what odd details Lil-lil will remember from this time in her life. I hope the memories are golden ones, or at least not of my inadequate parenting!

Friday 15 April 2011

Winner grins

This week has been far from my finest. Three infected ears, middle of the night vomits, tantrums, fights, bad backs, little sleep, stressing over real estate, packing boxes and oh so much cleaning.

It's not a week I'm keen to revisit any time soon. Despite the crappiness there have been some moments to make me grin. I'd love to share them with you:

* Lil-lil with her head back, eyes closed singing The Lovecats word for word and loving every minute. 'you know in spring it's a treacherous thing'

*Goosey telling me about 'along time ago when I was a boy and liked Spiderman'

* Getting words of support from half
a world away. The lovely Eleanor from Shopping the Closet always brightens my day with comments, emails or tweets. Plus she's sending me chocolate. Stop it!

* The truly fabulous Eden from Edenland who's going to help me with a Chickadee photo shoot to one up my bro.

* Knowing that this time next week I'm going to be in one of my favourite places and eating at my favourite restaurant.

* Easter. I love Easter.

* Only four more sleeps until we're on holidays.

* Soon being in a new home. With space and peace and a driveway. Maybe even a pool (no dolphins in the pool though at Goosey's request).

Now, what was I whinging about again?!

Thursday 14 April 2011


More than a few years ago, I went to what I decided would be my last music festival. The pushing and shoving, the exhaustingly long day, the teenyboppers, running from one stage to the next, I just felt a little old and over it.

My mind had remained steadfastly made up until yesterday morning when the line up for Splendour in the Grass 2011 was released. Pulp. I love Pulp, one of my all-time favourite bands and I've never seen them live as I've always been away when they've toured. I thought my chance to see them had long passed.

Also on the line up  – Jane's Addiction, Coldplay (who I don't love, but I've heard good things about them live), Gomez and many more. When I told Skip, he was: "I'm there!"

For a brief moment, I forgot about the fact that I'll be heavily pregnant and that my back is stuffed and that I'm, well let's face it, old. I imagined how fun it would be. What a good experience it would be.

Then I snapped back to reality. I just hope Jarvis and the gang do a side show in Sydney.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Back down

I've mentioned my dodgy back here before. The one that plays up and leaves me looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame and generally very cranky and unpleasant.

Last week it played up and started to get better. Then yesterday I heard a crack and then agonising pain. I woke up this morning and thought 'uh oh, that's not good.' Stabbing hot daggers of pain shooting up my spine and down my legs with each and every movement.

After hobbling around I decided I needed to go to the doctor. They squeezed me in and said: "You can not lift anything. At all." Riiiiiiiiight. I explained that I had two young children and was in the middle of packing away a lot of my home before it went on the market. To which she said: "You can not lift anything. At all. Oh and don't bend too much either."

Well, that's really not practical, is it? Goosey falls over and I'm supposed to nudge her with my foot and say: "Get up, honey, you'll be right!"?

I'm supposed to leave all this packing work to someone else? I don't think so. It just isn't going to happen.

One interesting thing has happened, I've realised how vulnerable you can feel while in pain. Getting out and about with the kids I feel nervous and panicky knowing that I can't chase them if they dart off. I'm just not quick to react if something happens.

As I hobbled to the doctor's office this morning I approached a large zebra crossing on a busy road. It looked a mile wide and I wondered: "How on earth am I going to get across there? Each step is searing pain, I'll keep traffic back for ages." As I crossed, the car waiting for me at the front kept revving his engine trying to hurry me. What an awful feeling. Exposed, vulnerable, fearful.

It gave me an insight to what it's like to live with chronic pain, to be elderly or disabled and have to face a busy, rushed world. As I walked down the footpath, people bumped into me as I couldn't move out of the way fast enough. Despite obviously being in pain and unable to move quickly, people were too busy to help, hold a door open or even take one step out of their way.

I'll tell you what, it's not a nice feeling. By the time I got to the doctor I was ready to collapse in tears from pain, stress and exhaustion. It's so easy to take being well and feeling fit for granted.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Making magic

Sitting in the waiting room. Butterflies flittering all the way to my throat. Palms dripping. Women with all different sized bumps walk in and out. I keep glancing at Skip. He returns my glances with reassuring nods and a squeeze of my hand.

Finally, a women in blue steps out and calls: "Corinne!"

We follow her into the small dark room while making small chat. "Gorgeous day out there. Wow, this is your third child, this will all be old hat for you."

I just nod and climb up onto the table and stare at the blank screen up on the wall. Waiting. Waiting. Cold gel is poured over my mid and the wand goes to work.

Surely it's a magic wand, because in seconds I can see a perfect little baby fill the blank screen. Relief pours out and wonder takes over. I grab Skip's hand and grin like a loon. A perfect little being growing healthily inside me.

Throughout my pregnancies I've had many ultrasounds, with Lil-lil I was having them regularly due to having hypertension. Yet, each and every time I'm mesmerised like it's the first. Seeing your little baby doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing is pure magic.

I'm hypnotised by the beat of the heart. I'm giggling at the little wave of the arms and legs. I think I could have 100 babies (though 3 is plenty, thank you very much) and still be swept away with the magic of seeing a little bub on an ultrasound scan.

I'm thinking this will probably be my last pregnancy (all going well and I don't have a moment of lunacy down the track), so I'm looking forward to sharing it here, soaking it all in and revelling in every moment – good and bad.

Monday 11 April 2011

All talk

I won't bore you with what I've been up to. Let's just say it's involved boxes and being up to my armpits in sugar soap. Dull, dull, dull.

The kids have been in full swing, though. Here are their thoughts from the past few days....

Lil-lil was asking about her godparents, who they are and what they did, she then pondered for a minute and announced: "I think Goosey must be my Toy Story sister."

Goosey told me last week as I tucked her into bed: "Mum, you're my servant, you know." (About the truest thing she's ever said).

When told she was going to have a little brother or sister, Lil-lil said: "Quick Mum, let's go to the hospital and get it out now."

In the car yesterday, Goosey said to me: "Mum, I love you, but sometimes you're cranky." (Again, another very true statement.)

Before preschool last week, Lil-lil said to me: "Mum, you look ridiculous in those jeans and top. Ridiculous!"
Me: "Why, what's wrong with it? What should I wear to take you to preschool?"
Lil-lil: "You should wear something beautiful, like a wedding dress."

So, best be off to dust off the wedding gown. Don't want to embarrass the four-year-old.

Friday 8 April 2011

Good friends and odd jobs

Thanks for those who read and commented on my vent yesterday. It always feels better to get it out and move on. Also, thanks to those who emailed. Your support means so much.

Goosey was diagnosed with an ear infection and pharyngitis so no wonder the little pet has been so miserable. We're slowly, slowly getting there with the house. I'm still sleep deprived and my back is still very, very sore. We'll get there though, even with the setbacks.

One of the nice things about being in the middle of this whirlwind is seeing what kind and generous friends we have. We've had friends come over and help us do odd jobs around the house and for that we're so grateful. It just helps so much to cross another dastardly job off the list. It makes you realise what good friends we've got and how generous they are with their time. So, to all of you, a great big thanks – we really appreciate it.

Now, I have a list as long as my arm to get done, so I bid farewell. See you next week!

Thursday 7 April 2011


* Disclaimer: This is a vent. To get it out of my system. Not a cry for help.  I'm writing purely so I don't take it out on my kids, husband or anyone else who crosses my path. If you don't feel like reading a 'woe is me' post over something that is not that important, please feel free to click out now. 

Life is stressful at the moment.

We're about to put our home on the market, we're trying to make our home perfect so that someone will fall in love with it and want to buy it. There's so much to do, so many things we've let go over the years. We moved in when I was 8 months pregnant, two days later I was put on bed rest for the final month with pregnancy-induced hypertension, ever since there have been bigger priorities than getting the house just the way I want it. This has frustrated me over the years, but what are you going to do?

Now I have just a couple of days to make it perfect. I feel the pressure weighing down on me like a ton of bricks. Skip is doing a great job getting ready, but he has a huge amount on his plate at work too.

Goosey has been sick, last night she would only sleep fitfully lying on me, waking crying often for 'water, milk, a band-aid for my nose'. She's miserable, I'm exhausted. Now, my dodgy back has gone out from her sleeping on me. Plus I spend my day trying not to chuck. Woe is me.

While I clean, pack, tidy, organise one part of the house, the girls fight and destroy another part of it. It's frustrating and I'm going round and round in circles. This morning I freaked out as the real estate agent sent a stylist to give us some tips. As I was tidying, the kids were untidying. Hobbling round with a sore back I can't take anything for, stomach churning, hormones raging, so bloody tired, worrying about selling, worrying about where we're going to move to – I burst into tears and sobbed.

I feel like I'm not achieving anything. I'm not super woman, nowhere near, but I should be able to do a bit better.

Now it's time to suck it up, get on with it and know that it will work out one way or another. Most of all realise that I'm pretty damn lucky to have these problems.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Get out of my dreams and into my car

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love nothing better than singing at the top of my lungs while driving the car. A bit of car crooning makes me smile, quite a lot. I've got a captive audience (literally) strapped into the back and most of the time they like it too. Skip has been known to turn up the radio when I start to sing to drown out my voice, nice.

It's the time I can forget I'm a daggy mum and become a rock star all while I ferry them to preschool, swimming lessons and grocery shopping. Sure I get some strange looks at traffic lights, but nothing like the looks Lady Gaga gets just walking down the street.

There are some songs that just sound better when you're driving. The girls love hearing Foo Fighters, Elton John, the Beatles and an occasional show tune (hey, I never said I was cool). The radio is generally tuned into Classic Hits so we sing all the words with gusto, the girls chanting "I want rock'n'roll!"

We've had a Cure CD in the car recently and now Lil-lil requests the 'wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty' song and Goosey wants 'Boys Don't Cry' on repeat. They are Cure addicts.

It's funny how certain songs can suit different situations. When I've had a few more drinks than I should have, it's essential that Pulp is put on and put on loud. Skip has been known to put on 'Common People' just to see me get revved up. The best thing about Pulp is you can also act out the story of the lyrics (which is why it's best done after a few sherberts).

If I'm getting ready to go out (which is virtually never these days) Supergrass is the best way to get in the party mood. Winding down at the end of the night? Radiohead, Coldplay or the Beach Boys.

Since kids, the only time I seem to listen to music is in the car, so here is where my rock star dreams remain. Oh and our local on Kareoke Saturday night....

DO you have certain songs you associate with certain situations?

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Nice buns!

Now, I'm not one for plugging things on my blog, but occasionally I get an email that raises my interest (and gets my mouth watering). Baker's Delight recently contacted me and asked if the kids and I would like to taste test some hot cross buns. Um, free hot cross buns delivered to my door? Yes, please!

My girls adore hot cross buns, even Lil-lil who avoids fruit in any form will happily munch on a fruit-filled one. I have to say that I'm quite partial to one too, especially warm and slathered in butter. So, one rainy Friday, a bewildered courier arrived at my door with a bag of buns, asking: "Were you expecting these??" and the fun began. 

To help us out as there were more than a couple of buns, I called my friend and neighbour (a self-confessed hot cross bun addict) and she and her kids happily piled into my lounge room. I laid out traditional, chocolate and mocha buns. My girls were amazed that you could get chocolate hot cross buns and they were scoffed pretty quickly (they now hassle me for one each time we pass Baker's Delight). The traditional were also greedily eaten up. I'm afraid to say that the mocha ones weren't a favourite and were passed over after a quick nibble. That's OK, that meant there was something left for Skip to eat when he got home from work. 

Goosey took her job as taste-tester very seriously and took a bite out of each bun, just to make sure the quality was the same in each of course. Baker's Delight buns are delicious and soft, best of all they are my favourite trick to keep the kids from killing each other while I do the grocery shopping.

This Saturday, 9 April, you can not only get your fill of hot cross buns, but you can also help out your local children's hospital. Baker's Delight will donate $1 from every six-pack sold to local children's hospitals in an effort to raise more than $123,000. So come on, look after your stomach and help a good cause, be a part of 'Bundraiser' Day. 

There's also some more good news, the first five Australian readers to comment and tell me their favourite way to eat hot cross buns will win a $5 Baker's Delight voucher. Please ensure you include your email address.

Monday 4 April 2011

And then there were five...

You may have sensed from my posts the past few weeks that I've been on a bit of a roller-coaster. A bit erratic. A bit distracted. There's a very good reason for this as I recently discovered that we're going to have another baby.

Yep, that's right. I've got a bun in the oven. I'm knocked up. The stork is due a visit. While we're extremely excited, having done it twice before we're also a little daunted and a little terrified too. This is partly due to the fact that it's all happened very suddenly. We decided to expand our family shortly after the new year and before we knew it I was pregnant. For some reason we thought it would take a while, why I don't know as it's never taken long before. I kept reading things that when you're 35 you only have a 10% chance of falling pregnant each month, so I decided I  had months to get used to the idea. I thought Lil-lil would be settled in big school and we'd have moved house long before the baby arrived.

Nature had other ideas and we got pregnant. Straight. Away. Best laid plans and all that.

Now things have sunk in and we're over the moon. The fear and shock have subsided and been replaced with excitement and joy (and nausea). It feels so right to be welcoming another little person into our family.

So The Daze of My Life is going to get a little bigger! Now, if you'd please pass a bucket and a glass of Dry Ginger Ale, I need a little lie down.

Friday 1 April 2011

Six years

Tomorrow will be our sixth wedding anniversary. It's been an incredible six years  – ups, downs, life. Kids, houses, holidays, work. Moments to cherish and moments to forget. After six years, we're still standing.

Tomorrow we'll be at the Golden Slipper, so tonight we're staying in a city hotel to celebrate. We were going out to dinner, but a hiccup with the booking led me to making other surprise plans (don't worry Skip is up to his armpits in work and won't read this until much later). As we're staying close to a lovely harbourside park and because we're both pretty exhausted at the moment, I thought we'd make the most of daylight savings and have a picnic dinner. To prepare there will be a trip this morning to a good deli, Victoire, Annandale Cellars and Zumbo to collect all the goodies. If it rains, then we can picnic in our hotel room. If we fall asleep at 8pm, we fall asleep at 8pm. Best of all, there won't be any small people to wake us during the night or at 5am.

Read about our wedding here. The picture above reminds me of the song that Skip listened to while driving to our wedding – Gamble Everything for Love, Ben Lee.

Skip, I still feel privileged to be your wife and still love you 100%. I can't wait for another six years of adventures together. xxxoooxxx
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