Friday 22 July 2011

Winter sniffles, snotty noses (and a giveaway)

My girls have had their fair share of sniffles this winter. There's nothing like being a parent and bearing the full-force of a snotty sneeze. Ah the joys.

I have to say I'm pretty lucky, Lil-lil seems to be past that age where kids pick up every damn bug around as they build up their immune system and Goosey seems to get over her sniffles pretty quickly. Touch wood, we haven't had any croup or the like this year.

A few weeks ago they were all snotty and the inevitable cries in the night rang out. A little while before I'd been sent a tube of Euky Bearub, which promised to be all things kind on sensitive skin. It felt and smelt nicer than the other stuff, I have to admit. It certainly helped one young lass sleep better, that in itself is gold. In fact for about a week, she lifted her PJ top insisting the 'koala cream' be rubbed on.

There has been one other person in our home who's been a frequent user. It may just be that old preggo lady who's got the pregnancy congestion in a big way and is snoring like a tractor. It works, it hasn't cured me but it does help. It smells nice and is not too goopy and sticky. Not waking up stuck to the sheets is always a plus.

I have a Giant Euky Bear to giveaway, I've been told he's almost as big a three-year-old! He comes with a tube of Euky Bearub too, so you can try it for yourself. It's valued at $50.

If you'd like to win, tell me your best snot solutions. This competition is available to Aussie residents only (sorry). Giveaway will end Monday 25 July, 2011 at 11.59pm.


  1. Ahhh Corrine

    I have a very vivid picture of you pregnant and snoring like a tractor!

    That is so funny

    Love the Euky, love the vicks, love the boisitos, love the eucylatptus spray.
    Very big junkie's here!

    hope you are all sniffle free and snoring free soon


  2. Who wouldn't want to win ...did you add to Tina gray's comp pinky ?
    I hope the colds & flu leave us alone by very careful hand washing

  3. Nothing beats a nice, long hot shower when you're all snooty.

    I'd love to win this comp - would be a great surprise :)

  4. Glad you found some comfort with that stuff.

    I myself have woken my self up from my snores. Wish I was pregnant, so I could blame it on that. Nope its just my fat arse. lol


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