Friday 15 July 2011

Some daze are diamonds... others are vomit.

I'd been looking forward to this morning for a while. The kids and I had been invited to a preview of The Lion King and I thought it was going to be a great holiday treat. The movie itself was fab, I'll write a review at a later date, the events around it were not so fab.

It's just one of those days that are annoyingly bumpy. Nothing runs smooth. The day wasn't helped by another night of hideous snoring that kept the house awake, me waking every half hour well aware that I sound like a steam train. Goosey decided that she was just going to awake for two hours in the night, nothing wrong, just awake and wanting to chat.

I hurriedly got the girls ready for the flicks and we headed up the street to catch a bus. I noticed as I walked out my front gate, I'd put out the wrong recycling bin. Another fortnight before it can be emptied. Yippee. I kept walking.

You have to pre-buy your ticket to catch our local bus, which would be fine if there was actually somewhere to buy a ticket. Every shop we went into had run out or only sold travel passes (with 10 trips). We ended up having to walk about a kilometre with Goosey crying that she couldn't walk anymore.

We finally got on the bus and I fumbled with the ticket. The bus driver yelled at the girls to sit down as I fumbled. I then sat down and burst into tears. For no apparent reason, other than Sydney buses suck quite a lot.

We got into the movie theatre and settled in, then I was reminded that I had promised popcorn. Big sigh from me, I left my coat and various 3D glasses on the seats to mind them and then headed off to buy overpriced movie popcorn. We got back in the theatre and someone had moved my coat and taken our seats. After a few terse words and a woman telling me "But my daughter really wanted this seat" they finally moved. We settled in again.

About 20 minutes into the movie Goosey insisted on sitting on my rapidly disappearing lap. She proceeded to kick and elbow my belly for the rest of the time. I started to get a headache from the 3D. Seriously, why do they persist with 3D? It's crap.

By the time we got out, the rain was coming down and we shuffled off to the bus stop. As we stood in the rain, I decided "this really isn't the fun experience I was hoping for". Some days just don't go to plan.

To round off the last day of the holiday, we stopped in at our local Japanese restaurant for lunch. It was delicious, the girls behaved. At last, we were having fun! We'd finished up and were getting ready to leave when Goosey decided to eat a piece of garnish. She took one taste, gagged and her whole lunch ended up on me. Nice.

So I officially give up on this day. There will be no more fun. It's just not working for me.

Edited to add: While I am feeling a little over it all today. I have a whole positive post coming up very soon. x


  1. Oh dear...I can hear the deflation in your voice. Not fun at all. It was just one of "those" days... here's hoping tomorrow is heaps better :))

  2. Wow, that does sound like a bad day.

    Let it all out. Some days are crap, you can't avoid them, they just spring out of nowhere.

    Hang in there, tomorrow is always a new day.


  3. sympathy and love times 100 rin!! what a boo of a day... i know exactly how you feel... big treat of something sweet for you tonight!!! take care and i hope you find some sleep

  4. Yuck. Yes, that's the sort of fun we can all do without, thank you.
    I hope your crap day improves.
    Your blog title made me laugh. So, there's a positive!

  5. I hate those days, I've had a few of them this week. I even blogged about one, which is rare for me!

    I hope tomorrow (the weekend YIPPEE!) is a better day :-)

  6. Ohh I know those days. They do make you want to give up. Had a trip into town to the museum turn out pretty much the same way not so long ago. But you know what the kids still talk about it, they had a good time.

  7. Some days can be a piece of Shite!!

    I hope today goes so much better for you!

    Sending you positive energy your way :)

  8. Darling, that day sounds totally crapola :o(
    I concur that Sydney buses suck BIG TIME! I have posted about the rubbish we have to go through to actually get on one on my blog before.
    Also, agree about the 3D. It is so hard to find a cinema that just runs a normal version of the movie. I flatly refused to take Angus to the Cars 2 3D session, as I knew he would hate it... and so would I!
    As bad as your day was, the post is brilliantly written and will stick with me on days when I'm feeling down on my luck xo

  9. I can relate my 4 year old is a gager and vomits and has been since he was born, my 14 month old girl on the other hand thank goodness does not vomit. I hate going out to a nice lunch or dinner or making a nice dinner then seeing it all go to waste everywhere. Kids hey!


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