Monday 11 July 2011

Birth daze

After my luxurious night away last week, the birthday joy just kept coming all weekend.

On late Saturday arvo we caught up with my doppleganger friend and her family for dinner and cake. She has two girls (of course, as she's my doppleganger) and all the girls get on really well. They had a ball together and allowed the grown ups to actually chat and eat and relax, which is always a novelty.

On Sunday (my actual birthday) I got a little sleep-in. Skip made my favourite bircher for brekkie. We took a blustery walk around the neighbourhood and then came home to get ready for our family lunch. We had 9 adults coming and a few kids. We heated our oven for the obligatory three hours (we really need a new oven) chucked in our roasts and after almost an hour it was still stone cold. After a bit of last minute panicking and the BBQ coming to the rescue we made food that was hot and cooked through!

It was lovely to catch up with everyone and get spoilt with lots of flowers and pressies. I got my favourite flower Sweet Peas from my mum, some gorgeous Gerberas from my inlaws and some lovely tulips from my little brother. Not to mention choccies and lots of other goodies (including a spanking new camera). As I said, spoilt.

Everyone left and by that stage the kids were seriously tired and emotional (especially the 4 year old), so after some tears we got them into bed. I collapsed on the lounge absolutely stuffed – seriously it's going to be salad and fish for the next month. Another birthday over for another year!


  1. Happy birthday - loving those flowers!

  2. Happy, happy birthday.
    Beautiful blooms.

  3. Oooh, happy belated birthday - from the Eurostar! Gorgeous flowers, love, love, love sweet peas and tulips and gerberas are such a happy flower! xx

  4. Happy birthday! sounds like a perfect day. And superb flowers. Nothing lifts the house like fresh flowers xx

  5. Oh Happy 'belated' Birthday Corrine! Sounds like a wonderful weekend with all those flowers, lovely food (despite a dodgy oven) and lots of socialising!
    Why is it that kiddies get so hysterical when they're tired?? It's SO frustrating, because usually Mama is tired too! :o/ We've had that happen a few times lately... oh bring back the day nap! xo

  6. Flowers are a great present and beautiful reminder that you are loved.

  7. wow...these birthday flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Those lovely tulips from your little brother are my favorite flowers! You really had a perfect weekend with all these flowers! Happy Belated Birthday, Corrine!


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