Thursday 30 July 2009

Top of the morning

Over the past few weeks, I keep hearing about how 6am is the best time of the day. After being told this from a few mums [who I really think are just trying to make themselves feel better about their larks] I've been pondering if it is, in fact, true.

I've never really been a morning person, though on the other hand I've never been a night owl either. I've had stints as both, but in a perfect world I'd love to go to bed at 9pm and wake 12 hours later. I love bed. I love sleep. Not that I've seen much of either in recent years, but that's a whole other post.

During my partying days, 6am would bring dread to my stomach. That first glimpse of light and the sorrowful squawk of the birds would have me running to pull the doona over my head. Hopefully I could block out the cold light of day for a few hours before rolling out of bed.

Then I had children. With my bubs, 6am brings the same dread. Usually because I've been up all night with one or both of them and it's around this time Goosey decides to fall into a deep slumber and I hear Lil-lil starting to stir. Which means there's absolutely no chance of pulling the pillow over my head, instead I'll be pulling the Weet-Bix box off the shelf and turning on the telly.

I have to admit though, there have been some glorious mornings when the Skip (or King Sting as he's referring to himself these days) has dragged me out of bed while most of the world is still asleep and we've headed down to the beach. The light of the early morning is so fresh and new. Everything feels clean and full of promise. Everyone is friendly to each other and waves hello - it's like a secret fellowship of dawn revelers. After a large flat white, all seems to be right with the world and I vow to make this early morning pilgrimage more often.

There is one of these mornings that stands out more than the others. It was New Year's Day 2008. The night before the Skip and I had celebrated with a delicious Giaconda pinot noir and a Big Mac (thank you Sideways) and had been fast asleep by 11pm. So feeling revived, we took Lil-lil down to Balmoral for an early morning dip. It seems we weren't the only ones who had ushered in the new year with a snore as I was amazed at how many fresh-faced people were down there, with the exception of a pair of young girls who were trying to work out how to call a cab and struggling to use their phone. As I watched Lil-lil and the Skip splash on the water's edge and that golden light spilled over them like honey, it felt like everything was as it should be. I just wish all 6ams could be like that.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

And so it begins...

Well I have to say I never thought I'd be the type of person to write a blog. After all, bloggers are egomaniacs who need to have the rest of the world read their every thought, every minute they have them, aren't they? Like those people who go on Big Brother or any other reality show. People who crave the limelight, people who need their 15 minutes of fame every 15 minutes... And yet here I am.
I kept a diary as a lass. A couple actually. Just messy scrawl about the people I went to school with, who I liked that week and who I hated. I kept it hidden away it the back of drawer under a pile of cassettes so it would never see the light of day - so now writing my musings for all and sundry to read it just a little bit uncomfortable. Thinking about it now, I don't know why those diaries had to be 'hidden away'.
I really have no idea what or who I am going to write about. It's probably going to complete crap, but hey, there may just be some moments of gold. If nothing else it will be a keepsake of memories for my two girls.
Yes, the Lil-lil and Goosey are 2.5 and 1 years old. They make me ecstatic and make me crazy, but life is a whole lot fuller with them around.
So a lot of posts will be about my adventures with them. My thoughts on the world. Delicious meals I've eaten and wines I've drunk. Plus other random musings.
I put the little pic in above to show how Lil-lil and Goosey make my day. I hope it makes you warm and fuzzy inside too.
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