Tuesday 12 July 2011

Hairy times

I've been a bit neglectful of my hair recently. There's always, well, something else that needs attending to first. You know that things are getting out of control though when other people start telling you it's time to tame the mane.

The universe (disguised as PR people) obviously thought I was looking a little unruly as one morning I opened my door and found the whole range of the new Pantene line, Nature Fusion, on my doorstep. Now I'd heard the whole 'Pantene is bad for your hair' thing before, but apparently that's crap and I must say my hair (and the girls) have been pretty good. Even Skip commented that it 'smelt nice' the other morning.

Soon after, I received an email from another lovely PR person asking if I'd be interested in a cut and blowdry for myself and the girls. Well, sure!

I decided that I'd book in before my fancy birthday dinner so that the blow dry wasn't wasted on the other mums at the park, my usual haunt on a weekday arvo.

The girls and I turned up at Christiane's hair design, Gladesville very excited (There are a heap of other Christiane's around NSW too). It was the first time we'd done something girly like this. The girls sat up next to me as I got washed, intrigued as to what was going on. I then moved over to the mirrors to get cut, they put boosters up for the girls to get their hair washed together. Goosey jumped up eagerly, Lil-lil burst into tears and froze. As Goose happily got shampooed, loving every moment of the attention, no amount of coercion could get Lil-lil up in the chair and her hair under the hose.

Lil-lil unsure about the whole thing.
Goosey loving the salon.

Glued to my side as I got my hair cut, we eventually bribed Lil-lil with a lollypop to get her hair trimmed. The staff were lovely and kind and so good with the kids, I don't think Lil-lil would have relented if they weren't so sweet. Both girls sat up and got snipped and both of them were fussed over.


A lollypop is being tightly grasped under the cape....

I've never considered getting my hair done with the girls, the hairdresser is usually my escape, but it really worked quite well (despite Lil-lil's fear and uncertainty about the whole thing). I'd do it again, I'd just make I'd pick a salon that was kid-friendly and pick a time when they're not too busy so the staff and the kids don't get freaked out.

The three of us walked out looking quite glam, the blowdry even survived the icy, gusty winds as I walked through town to dinner. Skip even noticed that I had my hair done, so that's always a positive!


  1. Oh i'm off to the salon now!! Pantene bad for your hair?? I've heard it too, but just mix up my hair brands of shampoo & conditioner so i use Pantene every 2nd or 3rd round. It wasn't so great in Darwin (heavy water) but with lots of girls with long hair in my world, we keep mixing it up here in Canberra. Now off to go get fabulous, love Posie

  2. I remember going to the hairdressers with my mum and my sister to get our hair cuts! It was always a fun, girly occasion and we'd get iced chocolates and chocolate eclairs afterwards. Am sure the girls will love and remember those moments too! x

  3. This is an AWESOME idea! Looks like a great girly day... love the pics, so cute :o)
    It's amazing what that lollypop bribe will do for a tentative child... they used the same trick on Angus when I took him to his first haircut in a salon recently ;o)

  4. I love mommy and me days!!


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