Thursday 14 July 2011

A little night music

I came in here today to write about all the people who are currently pissing me off. There are quite a few of them, they really do make up quite the list – Tiger Airways, real estate agents, Energy Australia, the car wax salesmen in the shopping centre car park. Then I decided to write about something else. Something that is annoying to me, yet so much more annoying to the people in my house.

My snoring.

Yep, I admit it, I'm snoring terribly. I know I'm snoring, not just because Skip has bags under his eyes that would fit a semi-trailer, but because I can hear myself. That's right, I'm sleeping so lightly and snoring so loudly that I actually hear myself. Terrible. I like to think that it's just a bad dream, but no, it's not. It's very, very real.

I  have something worse to admit than just snoring at night – I think I'm actually snoring during the day too, while I'm awake. I know. I'm catching a glimpse of what life will be like when I'm 90.

I'm also suffering from terrible heartburn/reflux/indigestion. It's been bad, but the past few days it's been worse as I've had to eat a high carb diet for a glucose tolerance test. Admittedly, I didn't have to eat the pie at the top of the page, I just did cause I could. Man, it was not worth the pain I felt for the rest of the day though. Here's a tip – shares in the manufacturer of Mylanta and Gaviscon are going to skyrocket over the next three months.

Pregnancy in all its glamour. Poor Skip though, I think he's ready to put a pillow over my head to stop the night noise. As I lie there snoring and listening to myself and feeling the pain of regurgitated food in my oesophagus, I'm ready to put myself in the old folk home.

Are you a snorer? Have you ever woken yourself up snoring? Come on, help me out here...


  1. I couldn't help but laugh, sorry!

    James and I both snore. It was worse when I was pregnant for sure. He would nudge me and say "stop snoring" and I would always be in denial about it.

    Pastries, pies and other carby things gave me heartburn too. I recommend milk, cold cold milk. And Gaviscon Double Strength in the pink bottle. Worked every time for me.

    Just one of the joys of pregnancy. Hang in there xx

  2. Oh dear. I can get you Mylanta at half price as they're my client. Let me know, there's an order going in next week. x

  3. I snore normally, but I snore like a tractor when I am pregnant! In fact I would often wake to find Shelt decamped to the loungeroom. I remember when I was pregnant with Bella he said to me:'On a Friday night you used to wake me up coming in from after work drinks. Now you wake me up everynight and you're up all night drinking Gaviscon.' Ahh times change don't they :) xx

  4. Oh Corinne, you made me laugh with this post. Because I can relate to it well.
    I am a TERRIBLE snorer when I'm pregnant. Hubby is so kind, the never commented, until I realised I was snoring because I woke myself doing it! Then he admitted that I was snoring constantly. It's not easy, with all that baby pushing your insides into places they shouldn't naturally sit. Unfortunately, I don't even have any tips for not snoring, as I seemed to do it wherever I was... day or night! Angus used to tell me I was snoring during our day naps together when I was pregnant. Hearing it from him was pretty cute :o)
    It is so bizarre you mention the car wax salesman in the carpark! What is the go with those guys??? I had a near run in with one a couple of weeks back. I was seriously pissed off by his approach and demeanour... and the fact he wanted to charge $35 a can or 2 for $60! Get waxed fool! xo


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