Wednesday 27 July 2011

Gourmet Dinner Service - a review

Growing up I was always told that whinging won't bring you anything good. It seems this isn't quite true. Apparently, my whinging about being pregnant and tired and feeling 100 caught the attention of the good people at Gourmet Dinner Service. After reading about my state, they emailed me and offered to send me some delicious gourmet meals to make dinner time easier. Gourmet meals delivered to my door? Who was I refuse?

After a look at their online menus and a chat over the phone, we came up with some meals that would suit Skip, me and the kids. I have to admit I was a little wary, I do enjoy cooking and didn't want to end up with meals that weren't as good as my own. Skip was even more wary about it all than I was.

The meals arrived wonderfully packaged in a (recyclable) styrofoam box. I threw them in the freezer and waited for a good opportunity to use them. One Sunday night, tired and over it we tried our first meal. They were easy to heat up and didn't taste too bad at all.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about whether this is a service I would use if it wasn't offered to me. As someone who likes to cook and know what's in my kids' food my first thought was no, I probably wouldn't. After eating the meals, I think I would use the service. Not all the time, but if there was a busy or stressful time ahead, I would definitely consider ordering some meals to make life easier. Sure, you could make meals yourself and freeze them, but I never would do that.

It would make an absolutely wonderful gift to a new mum. A freezer full of meals would be so fabulous in those first few weeks. Give me that any day over a million onesies or teddy bears! Give this to a friend and they will remember it for life, I reckon.

Gourmet Dinner Service also make a range of meal to suit families, couples, kids, singles, small eaters, dieters, etc. This impressed me. It's something I would consider suggesting to my mum, who hates cooking. Visit their website to check out their service.


  1. I ALWAYS get my very closest girlfriends a week's worth of meals from here when they have a new baby. GOLD!

  2. Hello Corrine

    I have been remembered for the longest time by friends for the meals I have cooked for them

    I wish I could have a few gourmet meals cooked for me now.

    well done in delegating cooking to a professional group


  3. Oh how fantastic Corinne! What a thoroughly thoughtful and useful thing to offer you to review. I have considered this service many times. Particularly when I was pregnant the second time and with newborn babe and toddler. Thank you for reviewing it for me, I am always keen to hear an honest opinion on things like this. I will bear it in mind in the future. And I hope you have a few more meals up your sleeve, there is nothing more draining than having to think up and cook meals when you're heavily preggers :o/ xo

  4. Had never heard of this company before...storing it away for future reference! Thanks

  5. That was very nice of them to send you some dinners.
    And it is very considerate to offer this to new mums. It is a great idea. Especially if she has more that one child!!!


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