Tuesday 5 July 2011

Poo is funny no matter where you come from

My brother and his son are in Sydney at the moment, visiting from Vietnam. My gorgeous nephew is 7 and is half Vietnamese, he speaks both Vietnamese and English, but Vietnamese is his first language. It's what he speaks at school, to his friends, his mum and sister and in most of his everyday life.

Since he's been here, he's been pretty quiet. Besides being fairly quiet naturally, I guess it's quite overwhelming to be in a country that's so different to what you're used to. He's away from his mum and sister, the food is different, it smells and sounds different, it's cold, the whole place is just not quite like home.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment and had dragged the girls along with me. By chance we ran into my mum, brother and nephew when we pulled up. The girls went to a cafe with them while I saw the doctor. When I came out, my nephew was sitting away, head buried in his DS. Understandably he's not that interested in his younger girl cousins' antics.

I hadn't heard him utter a sound that whole morning. Until we got up to leave and Goosey cried out: "I need to do a poo!" My nephew cracked up in laughter. Poo is universally funny. No matter what culture you're from, if you're a kid you can always get a laugh with poo.


  1. Same with farts. Always funny x

  2. The universal language of poo. Hysterical!!

    Love the post!

  3. Too true!!
    And according to my gorgeous 4 y o nephew at the moment the word "poohead" is just beyond hilarious!!

  4. :)

    in our house (full of males except for me) - farts, poo, wee etc are just about the most hilarious things ever! Do boys ever grow up I wonder?

  5. Love it.

    It's not just boys, my little girl thinks all bodily functions are the funniest thing. We all laugh at her laughing and that's all the encouragement she needs!


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