Monday 25 July 2011

Reality TV binge versus binge drinking

Photo of Audrina from here
While Skip was away last week, I took the opportunity to binge on all the really bad reality shows that he hates. I had the IQ programmed with The Hills, Audrina, Geordie Shore and a whole heap of other crap.

When I say reality, I mean pure crap. I'm not really into The Block or Masterchef or that kind of thing. I need it to be completely vacuous and completely removed from my world. That's why The Hills fits in so well. I love the close-ups as they ponder the conversation they just had about someone snubbing them at a party. I love that their problems are so stupid. With Geordie Shore I'm just flabbergasted. The fashion, the accents, the fake eyelashes and tans. There's so much to take in.

So as the week went on I watched more and more and more.

I discovered that a binge on reality TV is quite a lot like binge drinking. At first it's great and you think: "This is so much fun, why don't I do this all the time?" And then it wears on and you start to feel a little woozy. Then you feel like you might chuck. Then you watch an episode of Pregnant in Heels and that pushes you over the edge, you have to turn it off and go to bed, with images of rich, crazy New Yorkers swirling in your head.  The next morning you're exhausted and sick. You notice there's a new episode of Audrina on the IQ, but your stomach starts to churn. Just the thought makes you feel sick. You vow never to watch that crap again and turn on the episode of Australian Story you'd taped.

Don't worry I'm sure a few days will pass and that episode of Audrina will look appealing once again. Thankfully Skip will be home for a few weeks so I can recover before hitting the box again.

What's your guilty pleasure on TV? 


  1. Hello Corrine

    isn't great when you get the tv to yourself! It's absolute bliss.

    I had (past tense) as it has now finished for good.
    I loved Sea Patrol.
    Like I mean I was addicted :)
    Well sort of - but I had to record each show if I was going to miss it.

    need therapy now as I have a void to fill as it is no longer being made :(

    have a great day


  2. Isn't it terrible?

    I've been taping Geordie Shore as well as shockers like Jerseylicious and most of The Real Housewives.

    At least when you tape them, you can fast forward through most of it.

  3. I am a Real Housewives whore. I yell at the tv, I groan, I could eyeroll for gold at the Eyerolling Olympics.

    I honestly do not know why I love them but I do.

    p.s and one that I have never told anyone is I love all the maternity, birth shows and I cry in every single episode.

  4. What, Audrina has her own show, she can barely hold The Hills together. What is that other Hills equivilent, it is The City?? We found it in Europe last year & as one of the few English speaking shows, we watched. I'm still really torn between The Hills being scripted, or not, or i just don't even think at all when i watch. I just love their high powered jobs & decision making, the cars they drive (what??) & yes, their trivial problems about exboyfriends. OMG, hilarious, love Posie

  5. First of all, I watched 1 Audrina episode and was appalled at how low brow her mother is!

    That being said, we are quite excited that the new season of Jersey Shore starts this week...and I will be waiting with baited breathe for the return of Mob Wives!
    I'm classy like that!

  6. Oh I SO hear you!! I'm reality obsessed - but mostly because I think there's a distinct lack of good quality dramas on TV anymore....Or maybe they're just not on at the moment....or maybe I'm clutching at straws and I"m just plain addicted.....either way...I SO hear you x


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