Friday 8 July 2011

Escape from reality

Looking at the Harbour Bridge over my bump while lying in the sun on
a perfect Sydney day. 
Yesterday, Skip and I snuck off from real life for a while. An early birthday celebration for me.

I left the kids around 3pm with their Grandma, hit the shops in the city and found a new frock that fit my belly and didn't look too dowdy. I then checked into The Observatory Hotel and collapsed on the king-size bed with a trashy mag and a cup of tea and chilled out while I'd normally be chasing kids round the park and preparing their dinner. It was complete peace and quiet. Utter bliss.

Skip turned up from work and frocked up we went to Rockpool Bar & Grill for dinner. Passing on the Hendricks & tonic with a slice of cucumber that Skip sipped, I had a mocktail. It was damn good, I'm not just saying that, it was almost as good as the real thing.

We ate and laughed and talked and eavesdropped. And then we ate some more.

We strolled (or rolled from all the food) back to the hotel and collapsed into bed, knowing no little people would poke us in the forehead during the night and we could sleep in in the morning.

A long lie-in with the papers and coffee, a leisurely breakfast and before I knew it we were back home. Refereeing arguments, wiping snotty noses and fetching cups of milk and water. Five star luxury just a warm memory.

It wasn't all bad though, Skip had the day off work and the sun was shining so we took the girls for a picnic. Fish and chips on the water at Balmain. The winter's sun surprisingly warm, it was so relaxing to sit and be a family and have fun. Best of all, it's only Friday night so we still have two more days of weekend to go!

Happy weekend to you!


  1. Sounds so lovely! Glad you found a frock!!


  2. Sounds like a lovely adventure.
    I love people listening. It's just nice to hear about all the different things people talk about. I find we have little to say when we're alone because it all gets said as it happens, you know?

    Glad you got to get a little shopping in for yourself.

  3. That sounds like pure heaven! A perfect birthday. xxxxxxx

  4. SUCH a brilliant idea Corinne. Your evening sounded just perfect. So important to do these things once in a while, for a special occasion. I am planning something similar for mine and hubby's birthday's in August, our birthday's are a day apart and we have not treated ourselves to anything special to celebrate since the kids came along.
    Love the pic, great looking bump :o) xo

  5. Feeling refreshed from that tranquil break.
    Every couple needs that. It forms a stronger bond.

    Have a great weeekend!!

  6. Oh bliss.
    Well deserved bliss.

  7. What a lovely break, it sounds like bliss!


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