Monday 1 August 2011

Pregnant pause

This morning I ducked into Coles and saw this tired, haggard-looking woman pushing a trolley. I then realised that it was me. It was my reflection in the glass.

Last week, I had a cold was generally feeling average but thought I looked ok. I'd dressed nicely for our tribunal hearing and I was waiting on the street for Skip. A lady came up to me and asked if I was ok and could she call someone for help. Flustered I shook my head and said "no, thanks".

I'm guessing I'm not looking as radiantly pregnant as I was hoping!

On Friday, I took the girls to our local park and ran into a friend who just had her fourth baby. She asked how I was and said: "it's ok to tell the truth and say you feel like dying".

Things aren't quite that bad. But sleep is fitfull and unrestful. I'm short of breath. I'm achey.

Lil-lil told me last night she's sick of having to do EVERYTHING because I've got a baby in my tummy. I'm not really sure what she has to do besides pull the plug out of the bath for me and pick up her own toys.

I do get the feeling that the whole family will be happy when this baby arrives.

I'm just trying to focus on the lovely baby kicks, being able to sit down and not suck my stomach in, having a hard stomach (even if it's a keg) and knowing I get a wonderful reward at the end. I'm lucky that these aches and pain will end and fairly soon.


  1. It took me most of my pregnancy to come to the realization that it's in fact, completely ok to complain about your pregnancy, haha!

    By the end, you just get sick of the crap sleep, heartburn, swollen feet, and countless strangers coming up & touching your belly & asking if you're sure you're not having twins! :) ... Yes, I'm sure, but hey, thanks for the insult :)

    You've got an amazing reward waiting for you! I hope the rest of your journey is smooth sailing :)

  2. all you can do is be kind to yourself rinno... and look after that mind, body and soul of yours! xx

  3. Be gentle with yourself... throw all the rules out the window and just do what is necessary to get by, this time will pass and I still remember how incredible it was that the day after I had Stella, it was all just easier. Being pregnant is super hard work!

  4. Hello Corrine

    I feel for you so much

    the 'end' is nigh!

    Do not despair - I looked horrid I thought and the side of a tanker for the 1st child

    you would look better than you think.

    If someone offers you help next time say yes - I need some washing and ironing done, hope you don't mind.

    If I was within distance - I honestly would be around to help you.

    take care always



    PS Derrrrr.... I just finally put you on my visible blog roll of favourites on my blog! Sorry lovely I thought I had.

  5. Oh I feel hagged at the moment and I'm not carrying my third child! You're under so much physical strain at the moment Corinne, I would be surprised if you WERE feeling chipper. You poor thing, it's the very thing that puts me off having another babe... I'd love a babe... just not the pregnancy part :o/
    One of my best friends is due in 3 weeks with her fourth... I feel for her every day!
    Take care hun, not long to go xo

  6. Honestly, I only saw you a week ago and trust me you don't look anywhere near as hagged as you suggest. I thought that you looked quite radiant (even if you don't feel it).

  7. Pregnancy is kinda sucky, I must say. The good part is the baby at the end, I find. Wishing you a speedy rest-of-the-pregnancy. xx

  8. Oh Lil-lil, save the 'tude for your teenage years and give Mama a break. Ok little girlfriend?

    I hope you're feeling better soon Corrine, I remember feeling like death when I was pregnant. It was only afterwards that I realised that I didn't look so bad xx

  9. I am positive you still look lovely.
    In fact I am sure you are glowing.
    Everything is just taking its toll on you.
    Life is so overwhelming sometimes.

    Lots of love coming your way!

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