Thursday 30 June 2011

All class

We have really lucked out in the preschool department. I feel really blessed to have one part of this parenting malarkey fall into place. Lil-lil started preschool earlier this year at a local community preschool. She goes three days a week, from 9am -3pm. There are18 other four-years-olds, two young teachers and a teacher's aide.

Little Lil-lil bounds off to preschool with excitement, each and every time. Not one tear has fallen about a drop-off, the only she gets upset is if I'm early to pick her up. We're now on school holidays and she's asked if we can go and visit preschool "just for a couple of hours".

I recently accompanied the class on an excursion to the local fire station and it was a lovely insight to how the kids interact. Most of all, it was reassuring to see how much the teachers enjoy what they do, how enthusiastic they are about teaching the kids, how proud they are of their charges and how they genuinely care for them. Yesterday, being the last day of term there were big cuddles and promises of bringing in lots of holidays tales.

I hated preschool, dreaded going each morning. Cried, performed and generally watched the door until home time. So, it's a huge relief that Lil-lil is having such a positive, happy experience and one that she'll carry with her.

Her dad and I are just amazed at what's she's learning too. The little nuggets of information she brings home, the incredible drawings she's doing and seeing the whole world open up for her is just fantastic.

The pinnacle for me was last week she was sitting at her little table at home, drawing away. She came up with a picture of mum, dad and herself. Everyone looked as they should and our names were written underneath, I didn't even know she would write mum and dad unassisted. My heart filled with a pride I never knew existed.

I just hope her schooling life continues in the same way!


  1. Great to hear that your daughter is loving pre-school so much! I guess they are the centre of attention there so they love it :)

  2. They are like little sponges, soaking up every little thing once they hit preschool :) I hope Immy has a great experience too when she hits preschool next year!

  3. That's just brilliant.
    Happy days.

  4. It must be so comforting to know your daughter is blossoming with the preschool.

    Happy for you!

  5. Oh this is beautiful Corinne. Fantastic to hear about a positive preschool experience. It sounds like a wonderful school and I like the idea of the smaller group of children.
    We have had a very different experience. Although Angus seemed to be enjoying it for a while there, these last couple of weeks seem to have gone backwards for us. Reading this post highlights to me that maybe his preschool has too MANY children at one time, they have 38 in the class, plenty of teachers... but I don't think they're passionate about it, like Lil-lil's teachers sound.
    Gorgeous pics :o) xo


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