Tuesday 13 December 2011

What a card!

I adore Christmas cards. I can be pretty slack in getting gifts and writing thank you cards (although I always think about it), but I'm good at the Christmas cards. I really like sending a festive note to those I know and love. It's the little bit of energy taken to sit down and write and post a card that I think is special.

As a kid, I loved it when the cards starting filling up the letterbox. Opening a shimmering card helped make the wait to Christmas go faster. I still love it know, thought the tradition seems to be dying.

The past couple of years, I've had cards made with a nice picture of the girls on it, to send to people we don't see every week. This year, time and getting a decent picture of all three has proven hard, so I bought cards that donated the proceeds to RPA Newborn Care. A way to acknowledge our gratitude for helping little D.

Last week, Goose was given a card with a candy cane by a preschool mate. She carried that card around all weekend and showed anyone she could, so chuffed to receive it. Yesterday, I decided to introduce the girls to the joy of giving cards. They picked out the  cards they wanted and then sat down and wrote (or drew) cards for the special people in their lives. I let them do cards for whoever they wanted and it was interesting who they chose. They sat at our big table totally engrossed in the whole process for well over an hour.

I hope they continue to keep writing Christmas cards for many years to come.

Is there a tradition you love? That you'll pass on to your kids?


  1. Must admit that I'm the opposite - great with gifts not so great with cards. 10 years or more ago, we would receive (and send) loads and loads, and now it seems to have completely dwindled. The kids at school all seem to give cards to each other though and love it.

  2. I love the Christmas card thing too.
    It's nice to send and receive old fashioned actual mail every now and then.
    Magoo nearly wets himself every time a card appears in the mailbox - that's reason enough for me.

  3. I'm with you Corinne, LOVE the Christmas card tradition... and loved it as a wee tot also! I'll always remember the cards wedged in between all the books on our bookshelf at home, so lovely. Now, we have a fireplace, so they look gorgeous displayed on that too. I started a tradition when Angus was a babe, of taking a pic of him in a Christmas outfit and popping a copy in the cards... 4 years later, I'm still doing it (and I posted about it just last week!) I think there is nothing nicer than taking the time out to write a personal message on cards, but I know what you mean, sadly the email/facebook age is killing it a little. But not in these parts :o)
    It's so nice your girls spent so much time and effort on their special cards xo

  4. I support the tradition of Christmas cards as well and enjoy doing something new each year. I think they are a lovely gesture this time of year and sometimes it's oddly (in this day and age) the only way I stay in touch with some people. x

  5. My boy loves Christmas cards, and writes them out for all his school friends, then hangs the ones he gets up at home, we string a streamer from one light to another, and he hangs them on there.


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