Wednesday 21 December 2011

Halfway through day one of school holidays...

...and I'm already insane.

We went to see Santa this morning and dragging three kids to the local shopping centre is a fresh kind of hell. Especially at Christmas. Car whiz through the car park trying to nab that elusive spot and I try to hang on to all three kids and stop them going under the wheels. Inside it's not much better.

There was a long queue for Santa, the kids argued with me insisting the pile of faux logs at Santa's feet were in fact sushi rolls and when I got to the top there was a sign that said: "Cash only".
When the kids finally climbed on Santa's knee we finally managed to get all three looking at the camera, everyone looked OK, except Santa. Oh well, he's not family. He then refused to give D back, insisting that he needed burping. I was just about to yell at the old man, when D spewed all over Santa's shoulder and he was thrown back in my arms.

While we waited for the pictures, I heard "I'm bored" about 15 times, then "I want to do something really special". Apparently seeing Santa is not special.

We then had to take D to get his vax, a week early as the doctor told us it was better early than late and with Christmas and all that. We wait in the waiting room. It's about as fun as being in a waiting room with three kids can be. The nurse finally came out and told us she wouldn't do the vax as it was too early, it had to be on the dot according to her. Awesome. We'd have to come back and do this again.

In the car home I made the mistake of asking what they wanted for lunch. The conversation went like this:

"What do you guys want for lunch? A sandwich?"
Goose: "I want rice and soy sauce."
Me: "I'm not making rice."
Goose: "But that's what I want."
Me: "You can have a sandwich."
Goose: "Ok, a ham sandwich."
Me: "We don't have ham. You can have an avocado sandwich. I  don't run a restaurant."
Lil-lil: "Mum, we really need to get some servants. They can do everything and they won't say no like you do."

Yes, servants. Brilliant idea.
How many weeks until school starts??


  1. Visiting Santa? Man, that's MEANT to be special, right.

    Kids are so random. A teacher asked Miss 4.5 what the best part of seeing the Wiggles last week was. According to her? It was "My mama bought me some popcorn!". OK then...

  2. I was shocked reading Santa wouldn't hand D back then highly amused that he puked on his shoulder - that's karma right there ;-)

    We are 2 weeks into school hols here & I am officially rocking in a corner.

  3. Servants.
    Why hadn't you thought of that?
    Can they be purchased online?

  4. I have NOT stopped shouting/screaming at the children to stop shouting/screaming at each other since 7am Monday morning. Tis the season...x

  5. Come to Singas! Ex

  6. Please send a servant my way too.

    That's weird the nurse wouldn't give it the vax early. Teddy had his at 6 weeks old because it was whooping cough season and they were recommending all babies be done earlier than 8 weeks. How annoying for you!

    All I can say is happy holidays hun, hang in there.


  7. Oh how this post made me smile. I love reading that I am not the only one already going insnane with holidays. We did 4 month needles on Monday with the local Early Childhood Nurse, and 3 restless girls sitting through the weighing, measuring and then the needles does not make for a fun morning!
    Thanks for making me smile at the end of a long day.
    Happy Christmas.

  8. Oh Corinne, you're going great. I can't imagine how horrific traipsing to the shops at this time of year with 3 little ones in tow would be. I am so. sick. of. shops at the moment, I could almost collapse.
    That is pretty funny what little D did to Santa, definitely a story for the records ;o)
    Hope day 2 was somewhat better for you xo


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