Wednesday 14 December 2011

Croc rock + a giveaway

My girls love shoes. They have a cupboard full of shoes. Sparkly, shiny inappropriate shoes they love to wear everywhere. Try and buy them sensible sneakers or sandals and they turn up their noses. It has to be pretty.

Which would be fine if all they did was go to tea parties, but Lil-lil loves to run. She'll run everywhere and anywhere. She ditches her bike and scooter as she just loves to run. Goosey is a scooter maniac, who terrorises everyone in the park with how fast she rides. So pretty, sparkly shoes just don't cut it.

Not so long ago we received some Crocs. Now before I go any further, I have never worn Crocs. I've always turned my nose up at them. The girls, well they LOVED them. 'Oh so pretty!'
Being the sandal-style version, rather than the clog, I had to admit they looked good.

Best of all, they've survived preschool, the park, swimming lessons. They can wear them to the beach. They're sturdy, they don't stink, they're waterproof. They're tough, but pretty enough to satisfy these active girly-girls. 


So while I'm not ready to don a pair, I think the girls are going to live in their Crocs this summer. 

To celebrate the arrival of summer (let's just hope it warms up soon), Crocs are offering 3 lucky readers a free pair of kids Crocs!  Choose from a range of fun, colorful, and comfortable styles all made with Crocs’ unique croslite material which is odor resistant, impact absorbing, lightweight and waterproof. Visit their site to view the range available. 

To enter, comment below and tell me what you're looking forward to this summer. 
Entries open to Australian residents only. Entries close Sunday, 18th December 11.59pm.


  1. Hi Corrine

    thanks for hosting the competition and hope the family is all well at this crazy time of year.

    I am looking forward to - no I'm reallllllllly looking forward to,
    some music (the Michale Buble' christmas CD being played),
    some slow pace,
    my dad coming out of hospital for christmas,
    some quietness only to be broken by laughter and giggles - especially from my children.
    or course there is a lovely lunch involved and a quite glass of bubbles.
    But - I really want simplicity!

    I hope yours gets to be beautiful too and a first christmas with that little boy x

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. Thanks for the comp.

    Since the weather has been terrible in Sydney, I'm looking forward to seeing the sun shining again.

  3. Your girls are the prettiest little things (even if they love making your linen into art) ;)

    This summer, I'm looking forward to not working on Christmas day for the second year in a row. My heart used to nearly stop beating when Christmas rosters came out where I used to work, because every year without fail, I would be rostered to work Christmas.

    I just LOVE being able to spend Christmas with family :)

    And now, Max :)


  4. Wow, I will admit to not realising that kids crocs can actually look really nice.

    What am I looking forward to this Summer? Just for it to actually *feel* like Summer. It has been raining non-stop here for weeks now, it is cold, it is miserable. I just want to shed some layers & be exposed to some Vitamin D before I lose my mind!

  5. My kids live in Crocs. I think right now they are the only shoes Max owns that aren't school shoes...

    I'm looking forward to the beach (where is the weather!?) and family this Summer. x

  6. Our family summer of fun was planned and prepared for! We were looking forward to movie night in the garden, camping in the garden, swim parties at a friend down the road who has a pool, picnics at the beach etc. Sadly the weather has changed most of those plans for now, we are hoping January is warmer and drier! Crocs are the best camping shoes, we all have a pair for going to the loo at night etc

  7. Oh I am totes a recent Crocs convert for my smalls!

    The Little Guy has some blue op shopped ones I bought in Vinnies that are tres cute. He refuses to wear thongs. The Big Girl has some fugly fake 'Crocs' I bought in a very daggy shoe store in Thailand. She even wears them with socks to daycare some days. Don't judge. All bets are off style-wise on daycare days.

    What is this 'summer' thing you speak of?

    Seriously though, I am looking forward to many afternoons of eating dinner in our yard (therefore negating the need to clean the floor!) and a dip in the blue clam shell pool on hot days when our crusty old air con isn't cutting the mustard. And chewing trays of ice while I supervise the smalls. The having a bowl of cherries for dessert.


  8. Warmer weather to go to the beach is what I am looking forward to this summer. It hasn't been much of summer since 1 Dec. Hopefully, the weather warms up when I'm on hols during the Xmas/NY break with my family.

  9. i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time as a family this summer as hubby work gets quiet this time of year.

  10. i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time as a family this summer as hubby work gets quiet this time of year.

  11. i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time as a family this summer as hubby work gets quiet this time of year.

  12. There's nothing not to love about Summer in my opinion!!
    Mostly, I look forward to picnic dinners at the beach with friends.
    Even weekdays can feel that weekend vibe in Summer.

    I'm not looking forward to shoe issues!
    Master Magoo has developed a self-diagnosed thong allergy.
    Odour resistant crocs sound pretty appealing to me.

  13. Awesome giveaway hun!

    This summer, I'm looking forward to a the family road trip to QLD, eating watermelon and mangoes, salty beach hair, a huge family gathering on Xmas Day, music on my ipod that sounds 'summery', Laneway Festival, taking Teddy to the beach for the 1st time!, flying kites on the sand dunes, late night dips in the pool, and watching the cricket with my friends.

    All these things, and most of all, my husband having 24 days off work, the longest amount of leave he has taken in 4 years! Lots of family time coming up over the next few weeks!


  14. My son LOVES his crocs. I didn't know about this girls range! Summer, hmm some warmer weather would be great, then we'll be off to the beach!

  15. OOh Crocs!!!! The girls love Crocs and these are pretty. What we are looking forward to this summer? Sun! Enough said :) x

  16. I am looking forward to the warm weather and all the fun things we will be able to do with our children. My son will be 3 and is so adventurous I can't wait!!

    shannonw at peacelovepoop dot com

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