Friday 30 December 2011

Living like the Jetsons

The internet amazes me. You'd think that being a blogger I'd be all blase and cool about the internet and what you can do, but  no, pretty much any time I get on the net I'm shaking my head in wonder. Is there anything this baby can't do? Catch up on news, online shopping, instant messaging, watch old TV ads from the 80s (I'm sad, yes). It really is amazing.

Since I've got my iPad, I've been amazed yet again. Getting my new toy has forced me to tidy up my music and sort my online self out a little bit to get the most out of it. Downloading music still makes me happy, you see I'm one of those people who go to JB Hi-Fi and buys CDs (I know, I'm a dinosaur) and I think I always will. Occasionally when I download some music I feel like I'm living in The Jetsons. You just think of the music you want, tap a few keys and BAM! there it is playing away on the computer. Amahzing.

Now I've got the iPad, I've decided it's time to download a book. Again just browse online, find the book you want and there it is. You don't even have to get off the lounge. Like wow.

When they first came out I pooh-poohed the iPad. Why would I need that when I've got a MacBook and an iPhone? Then those bloody ads started to win me over and I started to think, I'd like to do that. Then at blogging events I'd see people get their iPads out and I started to think 'Yeah, I''d really like to do that'.
Now I've got it and I can do so much more than I realised and I'm officially in love with it. It took my kids about 5.5 seconds to work out how to use it and I can hear them yawning when, in the future, I tell them about having to read books and go to libraries to do assignments.

Now, if it would only shoot out a steaming hot pizza or dress me in the perfect outfit, then I could really live like The Jetsons...

What technology amazes you?


  1. oh i miss my iPhone (stupid blackberry) glad you are enjoying your iPad though :) sounds like a LOT of fun!!

  2. I had no interest in it when it first came out. But as time goes on and it is all around me I would love one but I am a klutz and I am not gentle. I tend to lose, scratch, or break things. This would be one thing that would break my heart if anything happened to it. So enjoyed I will live vicariously through you :)

  3. How good is the ipad?! We got one about a month ago and it still blows my mind. I'm pretty sure I use about 1% of the functionality available, but that 1% is still damn good! Enjoy! xx

  4. How funny Corinne, I've just come back from dinner with a couple of friends and we talked technology for most of the night! The ipad was up there with one of the most talked about items. I can feel myself becoming swayed towards the ipad AND iphone. Already have a Macbook and am constantly amazed at how clever it is and all the things I can do.
    It really is like The Jetson's, isn't it?! xo

  5. I absolutely spin out when I think about how far technology has advanced in the last twenty or so years.
    It's phenomenal - and our kids will never know it any other way.
    We come a long way from the Atari baby!!
    :-) x


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