Monday 5 December 2011

Party, concert & plenty o froufrou

What an action-packed weekend!

On Saturday, I held a party for my Mum's 70th. All her family in Sydney descended on my backyard for a pretty tea party. The sun came out and it was a perfect afternoon. I baked scones, made finger sandwiches and my talented sister-in-law made mini quiches and tarts and an incredible tower of cupcakes.

I did something completely out of character and got crafty. Martha Stewart helped me make floral pompoms which I decorated the garden with. I know. Anyone who knows me well will be picking their jaws up off the ground cause I don't do craft. Ever. I'm game to try anything once and I think they looked pretty and set the party off well.

It was such a lovely afternoon and the best way to celebrate a milestone birthday. It was also nice to do something for my mum who spends her life doing things for everyone else.

Sunday was the day of the big ballet concert. This is Lil-lil's second big ballet concert and, like last year, I bitched and moaned about the time taken with rehersals, the strict instructions on how to do the 'ballet bun' and what tights to wear and the cost of the costume. As you can see I'm not going to be a stage mum any time soon.

Then I saw Lil-lil all dressed up and looking like an angel and when she took the stage I choked up. Swelled with pride. It was truly wonderful. All the bitching and moaning went out the window and every effort was worth it. She made me so proud to be her mum.

After the concert, Lil-lil was so excited to see everyone who'd come to see her moment of glory. She was busting that people she loved came to see her, for her that was the best part I think. Then when she went to greet her audience she got all shy.

So, it was a weekend filled with pink, purple and tulle. I wish all weekends could be. 


  1. Beautiful. I got all teary at the sight of your beautiful ballerina. And oh, your mum's party looked lovely (and go YOU with the pompoms!)

  2. What a pretty weekend there.
    Beautiful work.

  3. You've officially succeeded in giving my the warmest, fuzziest feelings I have had in days.

  4. Mate! The Pom Poms! I was meant to email you about sorry! They look FABULOUS! Well done.

    And your ballerina? And the bun? A triumph! I can't wait to see my little lady this weekend, I know I am going to feel exactly the same way. beautiful!

  5. Not the tissue pom pom Corrine! I am not sure I can come back here now :)

    Seriously, it looks lovely, as does your little girl. Am so sad my girls have both ditched ballet. If only my enthusiasm was enough for them to stick with it.

  6. Gorgeous - a tea party is exactly the perfect birthday party. I am so proud of you for getting your craft on and just look at those poms and cupcakes! You've out done yourself.

    Lil-lil looks divine... you're right - she's exactly like an angel. Go proud you! x

  7. Oh, completely and utterly delightful Corinne. What a perfect way to spend the weekend.
    Lil-lil is such a pretty little ballerina... I love how you can admit that all the organising gives you a pain in the backside, but then reap the reward of it. I often feel that way about different things, so it's nice to know others do too.
    Your Mum's afternoon tea looked and sounded gorgeous... and it WAS fabulous weather on Sat. I was shocked as I was expecting rain all day, pleasant surprise. I hosted a similar afternoon tea for my Mama's 70th, a few years back. It made me feel so good and happy also. Nice to be the one to make a big deal of someone so special in your life :o) xo


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