Tuesday 6 December 2011

Let me entertain you

Skip and I love to entertain. We love to have people over, cook up some delicious food, chill some drinks. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be perfect, but we like to put some thought into what our particular guests might like.

A friend of mine keeps telling me I'm insane. Three young kids, including a new baby, should preclude me from entertaining. For some reason I find it easier. I love to see friends and catch up with the outside world, so having people over is the easiest way to do this with a new baby.

We don't tend to find entertaining stressful, we actually really enjoy it. Maybe it helps that we don't mind if things aren't perfect. We are the type of people who are likely to be surrounded by moving boxes and say "Hey, let's invite so and so over for dinner. We can just sit on the boxes and throw something on the barbie." I don't run around cleaning every corner and if there's a bit of chaos, well I figure they can go home feeling just a little bit better about their own home.

What we do like to do is try new things to cook or prepare. Some times it works, some times it doesn't. We have a think about the type of thing a friend might like and then try it out. We just like having friends in our home and genuinely enjoy the whole process of entertaining.

On Friday, before hosting mum's birthday party, I had a moment while standing in Coles with a crying baby and a bored 5 year old and thought am I mad? But that moment passed and I enjoyed making the food and planning where to put things and how to set things out.

I love sitting down after a good party or dinner or whatever and reflecting on the afternoon/evening. Sipping on a drink and say: "That was really nice."

Are you an entertainer or does the thought put you in a spin?


  1. I'm with you, it's loads easier to entertain at home than catch up other ways. And you can make it easy on yourself. I tend to experiment with friends, but I'm a tad on the crazy side and don't have three kids...


  2. As you know I'm totally the entertainer! I would much rather do all the work and be with friends in my own home.
    I chuckle now when I think of all the Thanksgiving and Christmases I have put on all while working around the clock. Like you, many times I thought I was mad!
    Now, what time should be over for something thrown on the barbie???

  3. Definitely an entertainer here. We had two couples and their combined 5 children over for a bbq on Sunday. Seven kids under 6 in our tiny house thanks to the rain but its was lovely and cozy sitting around the table in the kitchen with marinaded steaks and salad and a few bottles of red! We used to be the couple that organised all sorts of fun things, sadly finances have put all our big plans on the back burner since we moved over from the UK but slowly and surely we are starting to get motivated again!

  4. Same! Love it, love it, love it. There's nothing more giving, generous and kind then opening up your home and kitchen to friends & family. To me, it just says "I love you."

  5. I think this is why I like your blog so much. It's a bit like your dinner parties. Friendly. Not overly stylised. Low key. But kinda fun too. xx

  6. We love entertaining too.
    Not fancy shmancy - just good people enjoying some good food and laughs.
    We bought this house because of it's entertaining-friendly layout.
    We chose to renovate our patio and backyard instead of the interior 'cause we tend to entertain outdoors.
    I do flap around a bit before people arrive - then I couldn't care less what happens from there!
    I love that feeling of looking around and seeing other families having a great time at our place.

  7. Oh this post is just so inviting, much like your hospitality Corinne. It sounds like you're in your element making friends and family feel comfortable, that's a beautiful quality to have.
    I do like entertaining, but I won't lie, I am a stress. head! So I'm always a little on edge if we're hosting something. Other problem is a severe lack of space. I have to either limit the guest list... or plan to move them all up to the park a few doors up, for space and fresh air ;o) xo

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