Thursday 29 December 2011

2011, the year that was.

This time last year, I could never have envisaged what 2011 had in store for me. It's been an incredible year, with lots of surprises. Trying to sell our home, travel problems, wonderful holidays, good times, worrying times, big milestones, hospital visits, having a new baby. Before we move on to 2012, here's the year that was in pictures...

Australia Day

We went on a Mini adventure for a weekend with some friends and had a ball

Lil-lil started preschool, a massive step for her (and me).


Goosey and I got to spend one-on-one time together for the first time.

Goosey got her tonsils and adenoids out.

Pink Patent Mary Janes and I went away to BabyMac-land for  a weekend.


A quiet month, the autumn carnival and the blogging conference the only highlights. The lowlight was nausea...


We announced we were expecting our third bub.

We got stuck at Sydney airport for hours in a security breach

We finally got away on our wonderful holiday and had a fabulous time.

My bloggy buddy sent me an INCREDIBLE package from the US.
We spent family time together on Saturdays while our home was open for inspection (we failed to sell).

I made the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers!

Skip had a birthday.

We went on a road trip to Western Plains Zoo.

Lil-lil went to the fire station on her first excursion, she talked about it for the rest of the year.

I had a birthday and had a gorgeous night out with Skip and a great day with the girls and the bump.

The girls continued to be the best of friends and worst of enemies.
The girls started to get used to the idea of having a new baby.

I finally got to see one of my favourite bands live.

Goosey had her third birthday.


Goosey started preschool
Skip and I had an amazing weekend in Tassie. One of the best weekends of my life.

I developed pre-eclampsia and our precious baby boy was dragged out 6.5 weeks early.


September was spent in hospital getting our boy well enough to come home.

Goosey had her first ever dance concert.


We spent time getting to know our little boy.

Lil-lil had a birthday.


The girls were flowergirls and Skip a groomsman.

Goosey got up close with the firemen at preschool.

My mum celebrated her 70th birthday with a party at our home. 
Lil-lil had her ballet concert.
Our boy is thriving.

Lil-lil had her last day of preschool before starting big school in 2012.

Phew! No wonder I'm tired and ready for a month of relaxing! Bring on 2012! And plenty of blue skies ahead...


  1. I do love a recap episode - especially in photos! I remember them all - what a year it has been! Looking forward to joining you for the ride in 2012 x

  2. What an amazing year.
    A literal roller coaster.
    It has been a pleasue sharing some of it with you.
    Here's to a fabulous 2012.

  3. I enjoyed every step of the journey from my side of the's to a fab 2012 and hopefully a face to face meet up!!!


  4. 2011 was definitely full for you all. I love the photo reminders.

    I hope 2012 brings less of a roller coaster ride but still lots of great things for you and yours.

  5. Having just discovered your blog at the end of the year, I love this recap, great idea, thanks for sharing your photos and year.

  6. Oh Corinne. We've both had such a rollercoaster in 2011 and I'm so glad to have shared it with you. Your little man is doing so well which is fabulous to see. Wishing you only the best for 2012. J x

  7. I love the recap!! A very good year for you and your family!!

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


  8. Oh what a year Corinne! And it I am happy to say I have followed through all of these milestones with you, WOW :o) It's been such a great ride and I look forward to continuing the adventure with you :o)
    That pic of your 3 precious babes is just gorgeous xo


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