Friday 16 December 2011

Rock your world

Sick little D
Little D has his first cold. Nothing breaks your heart more than when you see your baby unwell and they don't know what the hell is going on. That croaky splutter, watery eyes and pale complexion.

Last night, when he usually screams the house down, he just groaned. He'd try to smile and then the effort would make him he'd cough. These little things make your heart do absolute flip flops. On average babies have 8 colds in their first two years or something crazy like that, but that first cold or illness is heartbreaking.

These little beings make your heart go to all sorts of extremes. They can make you crazier than anything else yet there's pure love at the same time. Once you have a child your heart is never the same again.

Some friends had their first baby yesterday, her name had a musical link and when I sent my congrats I said 'She'll rock your world'. And she will. On SO many levels. Life is never the same again, sure there's nappies, sleepless nights and guilt galore, but there's more. More love, more pain, more fun, more frustration, more joy, more heartbreak. It's like every emotion you've ever felt gets amplified by a million.  Your nerves are stripped back so you feel every simple thing more keenly. Like up until now you've been living life with the mute button on.

That first cold breaks your heart into a million pieces. That first smile makes it soar higher than before. And it's just when you think your heart will recover and go back to normal, they do something else to astound you, to rock your world.


  1. Love it. Great post - and you've made me even more excited (if that's possible!) x

  2. Sick or not he's one handsome man...and my is looking buff! He's getting so big!!!!

  3. So very true.

    I hope little man D is feeling much better asap. xx

  4. Oh that sucks Corrine. Hope he's better soon.

  5. They can make you feel so helpless and so powerful all at once.
    Little D is looking geeee-orgeous.
    Hope he feels much better soon.

  6. Too true. I remember both kids' first colds, and both times even though it wasn't a BIG deal, it broke my heart. Poor lad. xx

  7. Bless his heart. I scored big time, having all my babies in Darwin, not one has ever had a runny nose, between the 4 of them!! Even through school (& they weren't in child care, built up immunity playing in dirt & i never sterilised a thing, which was easy as they didn't have dummies & breastfed) yet they are tough little ones, even in Canberra Winters, no coughs or colds, i know this is rare!! Me, not so much, i remember when i was first married i slept with a vapouriser, how sexy right?? When we lived in Sydney, i'd leave one on in the children's bedroom & they were breathing clear. We all smelt like gum trees but hey, worked!!
    Wishing your little fella free of the sniffles & blustering. Remember the lucky rule, they bounce back as quickly as they go down. Love Posie

  8. Oh this is all so SO true Corinne. Not a day goes by where I don't look at my boys and feel a physical pain in my heart... not a bad one, just a love and devotion like none I've ever felt before. No one can make my heart ache like those two can.
    I'm sorry poor little D is sick, that first cold does suck totally. But he is looking mighty good in that shot, he is so cute and chubby. Well done Mama :o) xo

  9. I wish your little one a speedy recovery!

    The last time I checked on your blog he was just born. Now here he is home with his family and getting so big :)


  10. What a cute little baby. It makes me smile whenever I see a baby sleeping just like that. It's really sad indeed to see your baby feeling unwell. Although it is common for the babies to have their first illness, it is still very important to go to your doctor for check up. This will ensure the health of your baby. Anyway, I hope that your baby is feeling more than better now.

  11. I agree with the previous comments. Being sick is a sign that your baby may have an infection, maybe a cold or flu. It is essential to combat the illnesses as soon as possible. You can give her Paracetamol for babies. You may ask your doctor about the dosage that your baby needs. Well, I presume your baby is already feeling better now. 4rx

  12. First colds and other childhood illnesses can break your heart indeed. It's normal for the children to have these illnesses due to their weak immune system. This is the reason why vaccines and other preventions are available. These products will make their immune system stronger. Don't worry about those illnesses for as long as you have the right remedies with you. Also, you need to practice regular visits to your doctors to monitor the progress and health of your baby.


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