Sunday 18 December 2011

I have the best family. Seriously.

Friday night brought the end-of-year Christmas concert at the girls' preschool. What a night!

We were so lucky to find this preschool for the girls. Simple, community preschool with a small dedicated, loving staff. It's made this year so amazing for all of us. It's everything I could ever have wished for my girls to start their education. No bells and whistles, no six course sushi lunches, no super-modern sterile facilities, just honest, warm and old school. I know the girls are going to have amazing memories of this time.

The Christmas concert had all the parents gathered in the decorated preschool grounds, everyone sharing a plate of food. The kids got up and performed two Christmas songs with gusto and huge smiles. Santa came out to everyone's delight and gave the children a book. The kids then gave their parents a bag and a book they'd loving created over the past few weeks.
Lil-lil's bag
A page from Goosey's book

I'm going to treasure these gifts forever!

Watching the girls singing together, so happy and excited had my heart swelling with pride and love.

When Santa came out my heart grew. See, Santa was played by Skip. He'd put his ego aside to be a bit silly, dress up and give the girls (and their mates) the biggest thrill. He'd given up a work function to do that for his girls. Made me so proud that he was the father of my kids. 

So as I watched the three of them on the stage and looked at D strapped to my chest, I realised that we were in the midst of creating the most incredible memories.  I realised that I'm lucky enough to have the best family ever. What more could you want for Christmas?


  1. Nor, I got teary reading this.

    You are blessed. You sound happy and content.

    Can't wait to do all these things with Abi next year when she starts pre-school.


  2. Such a lovely post, I can really relate to the simple goodness of your preschool, it sounds just like our gem of a preschool down the road from us! So special to be able to take those moments to really feel grateful for our lives!

  3. You sure do - your husband is a CHAMP!

  4. Oh Corinne, MY heart is swelling with joy for you! What a lovely post :o)
    So pleased preschool was a raging success. I still remember reading your posts about Lil lil starting and it's nice to see the story come full circle. Always wonderful when you discover a great find like that. I'm hoping for a similar experience when Angus starts at his new preschool next year.
    And what a great Dad Skip must be :o)

  5. Well, that's just simply gorgeous.

  6. Oh love! Yes you are ARE. Lovely! Thanks for the reminder x

  7. Times like these are to be treasured and relived over and over.

    Yes, you do have a lovely family :)



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