Friday 2 December 2011


Christmas two years ago - Daze-style
Is it me being a little sensitive or has Christmas gone on steroids this year?

It's only December 2 and I feel like the decorations and Christmas chat has been going on for ages.

Yesterday, Lil-lil , D and I went to the shops and everywhere we turned it was Christmas. It was suffocating. I'm not a grinch, I love Christmas, but the longer I was there the more anxious I got. "I obviously need to get this and that for Christmas. Oh and what about that? I have nothing ready. What am I going to do?" Was swirling through my head.

In the end I had to leave.

Out in the car the anxiety disappeared. I've already got the kids presents. I never decorate until after Decemeber 8. I normally take a relaxed view of Christmas and really enjoy it. I love the weather, the buzz in the air. I don't care if my decorations aren't perfect, if I get presents at the last minute(half the fun I think), as long as there is some tasty  (Christmas-y) food and family that's all that matters. So why was I feeling so overwhelmed by Christmas yesterday?

Me being sensitive or is it marketing overload?


  1. rin...its not you! Its the mad retail world we live in at the moment where all the shops look like desperate teenage boys looking for a date!! I felt like this in nov!! xxx

  2. I'm with you. The Christmas decorations started going up in the shops at the beginning of November. I feel this urge to have the decorations all up, and yet...hey, it's only Dec 2!

  3. Marketing overload. And I got sucked in xx

  4. It definitely feels like it's getting out of hand, doesn't it.

    I admit, I am pretty excited this year, because this is the 1st year in our new home, our first real tree and now that we have 2 kids, it's even more exciting.

    We put our Xmas tree up yesterday and some lights out the front. No presents under the tree though, not yet! I haven't bought 1 present yet, and I feel like time is running out... But it's only the 2nd December? I blame all the toy catalogues and TV ads that are sending my brain into shock.

    And you watch, come the 2nd week of Jan, the easter eggs will be filling the shelves at Woolies. Blergh.


  5. Nope, you're not being sensitive at all Corinne. In fact, I am so glad you have written this post... and of course I knew I could rely on you to understand :o)
    I have been feeling the same way. I almost find it difficult to breathe thinking about Christmas this year. I thought it might be because I'm into blogging this year... as last year I wasn't actively blogging through the festive season. But no, it's actually just everywhere! I find people are getting way too excited, way too early and to my way of thinking, this year went fast anyway.
    I'm not ashamed to admit I am totally disorganised this year. No decorations, no cards written, no presents wrapped or even bought for most people. Makes me feel a bit of a grumble bum actually.
    So I get where you're coming from completely :o) xo

  6. I hear you.
    I'm thinking we might be the last family in Australia to put up our tree - because it's Dec 2 and we haven't done it. Aaarggh!
    (I did intend to Christmas-ise the place last night, but unforeseen behavioural conditions meant that cyclone Magoo was put to bed instead!)


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