Thursday 22 December 2011

The best time of the year

Christmas is that time where people are often brimming with stress and anxiety. Whether it's about getting all that last minute shopping done, trying to wind up the year at work, facing a day spent with or without family, enduring the rush and the crowds. Flitting from party to party or feeling down that you're alone at this time of year.

 I like Christmas. I've been blessed to have family and friends who I enjoy spending the day with and who (generally) make it a stress-free and wonderful time. Now the kids are here, it's even better. When you have kids, you're able to go back and re-live that magic of Christmas as it was. Listening for Santa's sleigh bells, counting the sleeps, hanging out the stockings. Being 5 and 3, the girls are absolutely busting at the seams about Christmas.

For me, my favourite parts of Christmas are Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, rather than the big day itself. Christmas Eve has a spark and a crackle. All the mundane chores have usually been done, you've got all the holidays ahead of you and there's some excitement in the air. On Boxing Day, the formalities are over. You've got a fridge full of leftovers and a pile of pressies to enjoy. You can kick back, relax and get in holiday mode.

There's not much left to do. A couple of last gifts to pick up, some food shopping to do. Tomorrow, the girls and I will make shortbread and gingerbread. Then it's time to chill the bubbles and get ready to enjoy.

What's your favourite part of Christmas?


  1. bring on the festivities I say! And happy bakin' lady x

  2. I'm with you Corinne! Love the energy of Christmas Eve, the excitement in the air, the aromas of the big feast ahead, the last minute gift wrapping :o/ Then boxing day rocks for all of those reasons you mention... oh and the cricket, LOVE the cricket. Though I would ask that the weather grant us some warm conditions this year, because it ain't boxing day without being a hot sweaty mess, gobbling up leftovers! Don't like my chances with the weather request though xo


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