Monday 12 December 2011

All I want for Christmas...

If you're like me you're only just starting to think about tackling the Christmas shopping. I'm not what you'd call an early shopper. I never get going until mid-December. Here are some never-fail ideas about what to get your loved ones this year. Today, I'm talking bout books and DVDs – the never-fail Christmas option!

It's not Christmas unless you get a book or two. In my opinion, the book is the best Chrissy gift ever.
Besides, isn't the holiday time in January just made for reading your Christmas books on the beach?

For Grandma try:

The Language of Flowers A Miscellany Mandy Kirkby & Vanessa Diffenbaum
This gorgeous book reveals the language the Victorians bestowed on blooms. Each flower has it's own special meaning whether it be perfect for a wedding of a funeral. Princess Kate's bouquet was carefully chosen to have flowers to reflect special meanings to her. The wonderful illustrations in this book just sets it off perfectly.

For Dad:

Dr Karl's Brain Food
Give your Dad enough dinner party chat material for the next year with Dr Karl's latest book. The science guru plates up our food and tells us what we're eating. Everything from fat germs, to modern crops and how the diet industry is booming despite failing 80% of the time.

For husband:
The Master by Les Carylon
He's won 12 Melbourne Cups, his face is one of the most famous in racing, he's allergic to horses and is arguably one of the country's best trainers. Carylon writes this tale as an observer of Australian racing for many years and one of Bart Cummings friends. One for Skip's stocking, for sure.

For Brother:
This is a Call: the life and times of Dave Grohl By Paul Brannigan
Whatever you think of him, he's been in two of the biggest bands of the past 20 years - Nirvana and The Foo Fighters. This is the story of rock'n'roll nice man Dave Grohl.

Another top stocking filler. Plus, if the weather stays as crappy as it has been, then it's going to be a summer in front of the box.

Mad Men Season 4. Don and the gang are back with more boozing, better costumes and one-liners than ever. I love this show. LOVE!

Louis Theroux: The Strange and The Dangerous
Louis is the best. If you haven't seen any of these brilliant, insightful and hilarious documentaries. Go now!

Grand Designs: The Complete Series 1-8
Kevin McCloud and the entire series in one box set. Personally, the theme song alone calms me and makes me happy. A must for the wannabe architect in your life.

What's on your DVD or book wishlist for Christmas?


  1. Great list! I'm the same as you, leave everything to the last minute. But I kinda like it that way!!

  2. Gotta get that Louis Theroux book. We love him! x

  3. I'm nursing a wee Dave G crush this week. He was a little foxy @ Thursday night's concert. Might have to grab that book. xx Thanks for the hot tip.


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