Wednesday 7 December 2011

Notes from my brain

Things that have been whirling round my brain the past few days:

* I really need to purchase a Christmas album to get in the festive mood 

- A request on Twitter provided some pearlers including Phil Spector's Christmas Album (which sounds awesome) and Xmas Now 2011 featuring everyone from The Dandy Warhols to Dean Martin. 

* I still can't believe I 'lost' my baby!

- Just before the ballet concert last Sunday, I was sitting with Lil just before she went on stage. Another mum came up and asked "Where's the baby? Didn't I just see you with him?" To which I jumped a mile high and yelled a rather loud expletive. I aged 10 years in five seconds before I remembered I'd given him to Skip. I seriously thought I'd forgotten him somewhere. My friend laughed at me for about 30 minutes.

* Where are my Christmas decorations?

- Lost. Had to go  buy more from Coles. 

* What am I going to buy Skip for Christmas?

- Brilliant suggestions, anyone?? Skip??

* When does the arsenic hours stop??

- D is still screaming between 4 & 7 every.single.night

* I should really exercise more.

-No explanation needed

* I really need a fun night out.

-No explanation needed

* 2011 might just be Sydney's first ever white Christmas

- The weather is FREEZING and crap in Sydney.

* How long will it take for Mad Men to come back on. I miss it too much.

* I really need to get my tax return done.

* Why am I surprised a telco could be so incompetent?

* I really wish I was going to see Elton John/Eminem/Foo Fighters this week.

* Why is it the more I worry about petrol consumption, the more my car uses?

* How do my kids make so much mess so fast?

*Could I just have terrine, pate and rillettes for Christmas lunch. Washed down with Champagne.

What's on your mind?


  1. Argh.
    Your brain just hurt my brain!!
    The problem is many of us seem to have misplaced the 'off' switch up there.

    I'm surrounded by Christmas cards, gifts, school work, a dirty house, the makings of dinner, appointment cards and lists.
    I don't want to look in my brain at the moment.

  2. I am looking at a toddler freaking. covered. in pasta sauce. Ho ho ho!

    I am also going to the Foo Fighters tomorrow night. Sorry xx Having a newborn / baby kills your social life. It'll be over soon. And the FFs will tour again, they always do.

    Have you seen Breaking Bad? I am obsessed with seeing Season 4. Obsessed, yo! It can fill the MM void, promise.

  3. Ah Corinne, your posts always provide me with comfort, as crazy as that may sound. Many of those things on your mind, are also on mine... what a surprise!
    I have struggled to get 'festive' this year also... and I'm not even contending with a newborn and post pregnancy hormones, don't know how you do it hun.
    Tax return keeps swimming around in my head and getting pushed to the bottom of the pile :o/
    Yes yes yes, where is Mad Men?? At least I have Dexter and Sons of Anarchy to get me through for the moment ;o)
    Bloody weather, also giving me the tom tits!
    I SO should have been going to Foofighters, Scott and I have seen them 4 times and LOVE them. When they're tickets went on sale, some bludger had committed fraud on my credit card, so I had NO credit card to purchase tickets... the chances of that happening are so slim, but it happened and we missed out on the general admission... because there is no way we would buy a seated ticket at a Fooey's concert ;o) Eminem or Elton would be great also.
    Maybe an ipad for Skip, or some really nice cologne or ticket to something special in the New Year, with YOU... win win that one! xo

  4. I will gladly send you the 60+ degrees we are having in exchange for some cold weather to make it feel like Christmas around here. Today it is torrentially downpouring and warm. So not normal.


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