Thursday 13 October 2011

TV fuel

When you have a newborn you spend so much of your day (and night) feeding. Glued to the couch as they suck the life from you.

With each child I've found TV show that I become obsessed with. That fills in those feeding hours. It has to be an hour-long program as that's how long they usually feed for.

With Lil-lil it was Law & Order. They'd have double episodes and then a marathon on Friday which worked brilliantly as she too a long time to settle. Lenny and the gang always bring the goods.

With Goosey, it was ER. Lil-lil would have a nap the ER team would come on and I'd be happy as.
It's funny I haven't watched it since, it was just the feeding show,

Now with little D, it's Louis Theroux. I discovered his docos a few years ago, well actually Skip did, and we'd watch it occasionally on the weekend while the girls were napping. Now it's come back to our house in a big way. If you've never watched any of his shows - go now, run, they are brilliant. He's a British journalist who goes and discovers people, places, sub cultures, from all over the world. From jails, to the streets of Johannesburg, to twins, to Nazis, to psychics - you name it he's probably done it. He has this uncanny ability to get all sorts of people to trust him and speak to him. He immerses himself in their lives. I'm amazed he doesn't get seriously hurt as he does push the envelope quite a bit. He's nerdy and unassuming, so gets away with it. It's enthralling viewing.

Skip last night asked what his background was. I didn't know, the only Theroux I knew was American novelist Paul Theroux, so I was surprised when I Googled and discovered Louis was his British-raised son.

Louis Theroux is on BBC Discovery and ABC2, go check it out. You won't be disappointed. 


  1. I loved those early weeks when Stella was new, it was the middle of winter and I would get up out of my warm bed and curl up on the couch with blankets and the heater on and then watch my guilty pleasure while feeding her. At the time my tv viewing of choice was the Jade Goody documentary of her battle with cervical cancer. NOT a good choice for a new mum but stil fascinating viewing! I do miss those days, ironically!

  2. This sounds fantastic Corinne. What a great find to get you through those looooong, tiring hours. I'll be sure to remind Scott to look out for it when he's putting our shows in the planner.
    I used to love a show called Front Up, I think it used to be on SBS, although it sounds quite different to the show you're talking about, reading your description reminded me of it. It was brilliant to see people from all walks of life open up to the presenter. Fascinating viewing and probably a little better for the soul than Jersey Shore ;o) xo

  3. Now I just wish I could watch anything that wasn't Peppa Pig or princess related!!!!
    Louis Theroux is great isn't he - Shelt and I watch each one as they come on over here. One show we actually agree on to watch together :). Hope you and the family are well. xx

  4. Oh wow, I used to love Front Up with Andrew L Urban. He was so good at drawing stories out of people, a bit like Andrew Denton. It was a bit of a trailblazer show I think.

    And I love Louis - I was even going to blog about him. Loved last week's prisons ep. I have to watch him on iview though as it clashes with One Born Every Minute, the show guaranteed to make Mr P23 cry. xx

  5. My feeding show for my second was Mad Men, love. I can't remember what I watched with my first, it is all a bit of a blur! We are also big fans of Louis Theroux in this house, have been for years. Recently watched the plastic surgery one & now I want liposuction, because you know, Louis did it so it must be ok! ;-P


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