Wednesday 26 October 2011

Stand corrected

About 10 days before D was born, I wrote a post  about being vigilant when undertaking medical care, standing up and speaking out when your instincts tell you to. I still agree with a lot that I said, though what I didn't know at the time was how incredible that medical system can be too.

When I had my girls, I went through the private system. Whilst I had no complaints, I never really felt that I received exceptional care, especially for the money I was paying. When I fell pregnant with D, I decided to go public - my pregnancies and births had always been straight forward and easy so I decided to go public. Who knew that this pregnancy was going to be vastly different?!

I have to say the care I received was phenomenal. I saw top specialists and the care and compassion I received from every midwife, nurse, resident, registrar was top notch. I'm still an outpatient and each week this care continues, I always feel that my concerns are important. The treatment D received in the neonatal unit was amazing. He received the best of everything available. I haven't had to open my wallet once.

We are so blessed in this country to have free health care of such a high standard available to everyone. It is something to treasure and protect.


  1. I have always been a private patient and sometimes wonder if its worth the money I pay every month. I have been happy with all my hospital stays.. My friend is in hospital with complications from her pregnancy (her other 3 were pretty straightforward) she is 35 weeks and has another 3 before they will deliver the baby.. We went to visit her last night and I was appalled at the care. She was moved while we were there to a ward room with other patients (all who had newborn babies) she has been moved 3 times already and will move again tomorrow.. after last night I was grateful for paying our private health cover..

  2. @ Mum's the word - I 'm sorry to hear about your friend. Perhaps I was lucky or it was the type of treatment I required, but I had a private room for my entire stay (2 weeks). I often had a number or doctors and nurses in my room in the early hours so probably would have disturbed other people.
    I was in a very large hospital too., so didn't expect a large private room.

  3. This is wonderful to hear Corinne. The public vs private debate is such an interesting one, because everyone has a different story to tell. I went public first time and then private the second time. Have to say, LOVED having an obstetrician of my own and he was just beautiful. In saying that, the dr's and midwives I dealt with in public were also lovely, really caring and professional. I did however, have a bad experience in the lead up to my first babe's birth... hence the decision to go private second time around.
    I think we are a lucky country to have the public care we have, but then I was at one of the best hospitals in the country too. Not quite sure how some of those public hospitals out there would rate :o/ xo

  4. I totally agree. While we may have problems with our public healthcare system we're still blessed to have one.

  5. What a hot topic here in the US!
    As you know, our entire system is private and the costs continue to go up,up,up and care goes down,down,down!
    I took the big one to the doctor on Monday and he was prescribed medicine that still cost me $40 even though I pay for prescription coverage. My birth control pills cost me $55 a month even after my insurance.
    Is it any surprise that the top CEO in the US is from a pharmaceutical company and he makes $143 million a year???

    I am all for capitalism and the principles this nation was founded upon, but I cannot help but wonder if it would be cheaper in the long run to go without all these "insurances" and pay out of pocket when the need arises.
    Who knows?
    I'm glad your care was top notch!

  6. That is so good to hear/read.
    We often don't spread the positive experience stories.
    Good on you.


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