Wednesday 19 October 2011

Everybody's talkin' at me

I had planned to write a bit of political piece today. Being at home with kids all day, sometimes I want to stretch my brain a little past the antics of Scooby-Doo. But I couldn't do it this morning, I was interrupted with too much chat.

My girls can talk. A lot. Non-stop, in fact. One of the things I like about D is that he doesn't talk, even if he could he wouldn't get a word in. Everywhere we go, they stop and talk to everyone. Long involved conversations. Some of the conversations are cute, some funny, some just plain odd. It often feels like I'm living in a Monty Python sketch. Here are some samples from the past couple of days:

Goosey was watching me take some tablets and asked: "What are you doing, Mum?"
"Taking all my tablets, Goose"
"Why did you take all the tablets? There won't be any left for any of the other mums. But that's OK, the doctor can make some more, can't he? It was just an accident, wasn't it?"
"Ummmm OK. Yeah."

Lil-lil: "Mum, can I stay with you forever?"
Me: "Sure, if you want to."
Lil-lil: "I do. I'll stay with you until I'm 10. Then when I'm 11 I'll move out."


Lil-lil: "I don't like pocket money, I liked it better when Dad and you just bought me whatever I wanted."


Me: "What did you do at preschool today?"
Lil-lil: "I don't want to talk about it."  (That last about 15 seconds before I get a detailed response)

Goose: "Mum, I think I have too many pairs of undies on."
Me: "Why? I only gave you one pair to put on."
I then check and discover that earlier in the day she put on five pairs of undies. As you do.

Lil-lil: "Mum, when my kids grow up you'll be dead."


Goose: "Mum, I'm in love with Oliver. We're going get to married."


Lil: "I've changed D's middle name, it's now Cuddles."


Goose: "I want a museli bar."
Me: "Sorry, we've run out."
Goose: "Dad better work some more so we can buy some."

Goose: "You're going to make D sick just giving him milk. He needs some proper food."


Lil-lil telling our neighbours: "It's really not fair, D keeps my mum up all night always wanting to be fed. It's really not nice."

Edited to add one from this morning: Goose: "Mum, that's the shop where you get the germs that go inside you and make you sick."


  1. hahaha!

    Oh my gosh, this makes me want Max to start talking, I don't thin you'd ever stop laughing!

    My favourite? Can I live with you forever, I'll move out when I'm 11 :)

  2. They say the best things - and the weirdest stuff!!
    Magoo told me yesterday he doesn't really need a baby brother or sister 'cause his Daddy is his sister.

  3. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but for me, this never seems to stop. Not something they grow out of. But is entertaining.


    I laughed out loud and then read them out loud to Ryan and Charlie. Ryan promptly asked when she will finally get to meet the famous Lil and Goose, she's "sick of just seeing their pictures...I wanna meet them and play with them!"

    Oh, I loved this so!

  5. How I adore cute little children randomness!

  6. HYSTERICAL Corinne! Love them all!

  7. Haha, oh so gorgeous Corinne. Not sure I like the shop that gives you germs and makes you sick though :o/
    I love the little ones take on life, quite incredible where they get their ideas from and how they interpret the world around them. I know what you mean about liking the time prior to when they talk. It's really really tiring once they do start. And the 1001 questions each day don't help either :o/ xo

  8. Ahhhh don't you just love all the questions!

    Abi is the same at the moment. Who, What, Where, Why, every 5 minutes. Then repeat.

    And I love that Ted is still quiet too, but he is starting to gurgle and coo!


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