Monday 17 October 2011

The good, the bad and the truly ugly

Monday, monday can't trust that day. A massive week ahead. At least we don't have to worry about a Rugby World Cup final now (some sort of upside from the Wallabies losing last night??). I'm starting the week on the back foot. Bloody tired. So I need something.

The sun finally came out this weekend and it even felt warm. Skip and I pottered round the house, doing things that needed doing. Lil-lil went to a birthday party, which seems to have become a weekend fixture now.

We had a really nice catch up with friends on Saturday night. The kids (and baby) behaved and gave us a chance to relax with friends in the backyard. We chatted, ate, laughed. A really good night with some fabulous people (and I'm not just saying that cause I know they're reading). There's nothing better than a catch up with old friends and it's even better to see them so happy and in good places in their life. Skip and I went to bed content Saturday night and feeling lucky to have good mates.

I was happy too as it was the first night I didn't have to wake D to feed, I could let him sleep if he wanted to (and he did).

Sunday rolled around and it was another day of odd jobs around the house. Skip went out to get lunch on Sunday, Goosey yelled that she could hear him outside so we went to greet him. It wasn't Skip it was our neighbour who's been away for two months. We caught up on all the gossip and she said she couldn't wait to meet D. I was telling her that he was asleep when I turned around and there was Goosey - with D in her arms. My 3 year-old had gone inside got him out of his bassinette and carried him outside. I almost collapsed with a hear attack then and there. All the things that could have happened....

Last night I didn't have to wake D. He decided to stay awake all. night. long. And not in a good Lionel Ritchie way. First Goose wet the bed, so there were sheets and PJs to deal with. Then about 11.30 D woke and didn't go back to sleep until 4am. Then woke at 6am. I'm stuffed.

But there's preschool drop offs to do. House to tidy. Washing to hang. Goosey to entertain. Baby to settle.

Yes, I really do live the glamourous life.


  1. Back on Hollywood time there, huh D??? You've gotta learn to cut Mama a break!
    Goodness Corinne, it's good you had a great weekend because by the sounds of it Monday's not going to be so kind!


  2. Oh boy.
    Just survive today - and worry about really living for another time.
    So glad you had a nice weekend.
    Remember that nice weekend?!

  3. Oh, you needed that weekend - hope it's sustaining you through the day. And don't tidy the house - you only need clear pathways between rooms! Take care lovely x

  4. Oh Corinne, just reading this makes me feel tired... and here's me emailing that I hope your week has started well earlier today, clearly I hadn't read this post :o/
    MY GOODNESS! Children around the 3-4 mark think they can do anything... clearly Goosey has no qualms about carrying her baby brother around. Sheesh! I would have had a heart attack if I saw that too. At least it all ended well though.
    You're doing an amazing job Corinne, just remember that :o) xo

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