Sunday 2 October 2011

Mums united

Every day, my inbox receives a lot press releases and emails about products and events. A lot of it doesn't interest me, but then occasionally something catches my eye.

The Heart Foundation recently sent me an email asking if I'd like to be involved in their Mums United campaign. Being very interested in heart health, I was.

There is a strong history of heart disease in my family and so it's something that I have to be very thoughtful about. Also, with my recent encounter with pre-eclampsia, my risk of developing chronic high blood pressure is also a concern. But I'm not the only one who should be concerned about heart disease.

Did you know that heart disease is leading cause of death in Australian women? Sixty per cent of Australians are overweight, and with increased weight brings the risk of heart disease.

As mums, we're the ones who often guide our families in eating and exercise. It can be hard to know what is the right way to go with nutrition and being active. I know I get confused. The Heart Foundation have set up a Mums United website that offers free recipes, gives advice and has fun ways to get active. It will help show you how to look after the health of your family's hearts  and why it's important.

I'm planning to get healthier for my heart and my family. I want to hang around for a while longer and be active with my kids.

So, go on, go check it out. I've placed a button on the side of my blog, click on it and get a healthier waistline and heart for your family.


  1. Hi corrine

    a wonderful post thank you and well said all the way through.

    Only thing though I am seeing a thomas the tank engine ad not a heart foundation ad? Is that correct?

    take care


  2. Lou lou, scroll down until you see Mums united.

  3. Good on you.
    Health is wealth, baby.

  4. It's the same here in America. So many overweight people and children!
    Fitness is something I take pretty seriously having a mom who had to have gastric bypass surgery and a sister who is headed down he same route.
    What a great cause to support!

  5. A very worthwhile thing to be involved in Corinne. I actually think as Mama's, we often neglect or overlook the things that we should be doing to keep/or make us healthy. Whilst much of it comes down to lack of time, a great deal comes down to lack of information also. Information about what IS really good for us.
    Thanks for the heads up on this initiative, I'll be checking this out xo


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