Friday 28 October 2011

My new focus on blogging

I love this blog, but most of the time I feel like I'm just writing crap on the internet (and let's face it, I am). I'm surprised when I discover people actually read it.

You can imagine my surprise when recently Ford gave me a brand-new Focus to drive for a week. That's right, they dropped off a brand-new car at my front door, gave me the keys and said 'Here you are, enjoy!'. All just for writing my thoughts on the webs. I thought that was quite brave of them. I thought they might have changed their mind when they saw a floor to ceiling tower of toilet paper in my hallway, but I assured them I wasn't a crazy toilet-paper hoarding lady, I'd just won a year's supply from the lovely Bianca (see the interwebs just keeps on giving).

The car was a bright and shiny, I'm no Jeremy Clarkson so I won't tell you about horse power or whatever, but it was a lovely shade of blue.

The kids kept asking why we had this new car, I told them I wasn't quite sure, but as we opened the door we all became high on the new car smell. 

The downside of the Focus (or possibly upside) is that it wouldn't fit our three car seats across the back. This means we won't be going out and purchasing one any time soon. What it did mean was that both Skip and I were eager to go out and run errands we would normally fob off to the other. "Oh I'll run out pick up that BBQ chook." "I'm happy to go to Bunnings and get those screws." "Let me go and fetch the coffees."

Driving it was a pleasure - great stereo, comfy ride, it will even park itself. Though living in the inner west of Sydney I pride myself on my ability to reverse park in the tightest of spots, so I don't know that I'd use this feature, though it is cool
One thing I found was if I put my foot down not much would happen for a second then  BAM! You're off! Speedy Gonzales.

Biggest con of the Focus? The vision, I found even with my mirrors the vision wasn't great and I never felt 100% confident.

Biggest plus of the Focus? Fuel economy. We drove and drove and the gauge barely went down, which was a delight after our gas-guzzling car. Something that I really love in a car, cause I hate filling up the car.

Biggest surprise of the Focus? The attention it got. Not being a car person, I barely notice cars, but the Focus raised a lot of comments. A friend who came for a BBQ said 'Did you see that new Focus out on the street?'. A neighbour came over impressed and quoted all the features to us. No-one ever comments on our current car.

Did I just write a car review? Maybe I can become Jeremy Clarkson after all. If nothing else Skip was impressed and now thinks this blogging caper is all right after all. 


  1. I was also lucky enough to be a car blogger last week. I loved the focus too. Loved it!

    With only two car seats it was great, but as I mentioned in my post, the boot space is a little tight, certainly a car I would be happy to call mine though.

  2. I don't think yours is a blog that's just crap on the Internet :) I absolutely love what you have to say :)

    What I deem as crap {& this is just my humble opinion - each to their own etc.} is the blogs who do 'what I wore today'. Like, every day. I find that mind numbingly boring.

    If I did that, it'd be the same thing every day. Grammies & leggings :)

    Congrats on the car thing. That's awesome!

    I wouldn't give it back ;)

  3. Grammies = trakkies :)

    The iPad autocorrect wins again :)

  4. Oh Wow Corinne, this is COOL! I think I would fall over backwards if I was ever offered a car to drive around in, again, WOW!
    I have a Ford Fiesta currently, but it's 6 years old, so definitely doesn't do all those nifty things like parking itself (!) Oh I could do with that feature sometimes ;o)
    I think your review was fab, totally informative and honest.
    Love that you were competing to run errands... I remember I was like that when I first got my P's. I was offering to drop friends and family anywhere they wanted to go ;o) xo

  5. Excellent stuff - look out 'Top Gear'!
    I had a Focus until Magoo was a few months old.
    I loved it and cried when the new owner drove it way.
    Until I got my second hand xtrail.
    I now realise how bad the visibility in the gorgeous little Focus was.
    The self parking function does excite me though!!
    I, for one (of many) enjoy your "crap on the internet" very much!!

  6. Nice one! And no, you certainly do not write dribble on the internet :)

  7. i love this article.very informative thanks so much.


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