Monday 10 October 2011

The people in your neighbourhood

Lil-lil arrived into our lives just a few weeks after we moved into our house. The one thing I loved about our house was that it was a couple of minute's walk to a major strip - cafes, restaurants, gift and fashion shops, a cinema, a supermarket, butcher, two good book shops. It meant when life felt suffocating and lonely at home I could throw bub into the Baby Bjorn and walk up the road and be part of the world. If everything went to hell and bub started screaming I could be home in  flash.

Over the years, we've spent a great deal of time wandering back and forth. Recently though we haven't. I don't know why.

This arvo Goosey, DD and I went up the road. Our mission to get Goosey a pair of shoes.

We had a ball. We caught up with all the shops owners on the strip with cries of "You've got another one! Look at him!" "Look at Goosey, she's so big and her hair is so long." "Corinne, I've missed you" ( the last one from the owner of my favourite dress shop, is it bad she knows me by name?)

I'd forgotten how nice it was to go and 'visit' so close to home. No big shopping centre. How we could kill a few hours happily in our 'hood. Run into friends and neighbours. Shopkeepers and locals. We're pretty lucky really. The shops are great, but it's the sense of feeling part of something and having good people around us that is special.

In  a flash my companion had finished her drink and was off chatting to the cafe owner.

"Mum, I want that cake for my birthday" 
Trying on shoes is a serious business.

New shoes!


  1. There's nothing like getting out and about in your neighbourhood is there? Sounds like you had a rather lovely day {and those shoes! Cuteness!} x

  2. I must say I miss that - just going for a walk to the shops. No walking here, but that's OK x

  3. Oh I understand this completely Corinne. We moved into our place almost 2 years ago, but it was only into the next suburb to where we lived before, so we still have all our local haunts right there. And I love it! There is something almost village like when you know a few shop owners, a handful of neighbours and of course the hundreds of Mama's and kidlets familiar to you from the park/shops/beach.
    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon, they can be so therapeutic.
    Love the pics. The empty chair and glass made me giggle. And Goosey's new shoes are delightful, so sweet :o) xo

  4. I'm with you Rin. It is especially great when you have a tiny baby and can wander up the street and remember that there is a world out there, and you are a part of a community. xx


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