Wednesday 12 October 2011

Racing away

We're a horse racing family. No, we're not the Waterhouses, the Cummings or the Inghams (I wish!) We're just average Joe Blows who like to go to  the races. Most Saturdays we're either at the races or the races are on the telly or the radio.

The influence is all Skip, it's his passion. For as long as I've known him, it's horses that have brought him joy. If he hadn't been 6f 3i, he would've been a jockey. His brain is filled with so much knowledge on the subject that I often think it's a waste that he doesn't use it professionally.

Anyhoo, he's past that interest on to me. No I'm not an avid fan like him, but I do enjoy it. Our little boy is even named after a jockey. Embarrassingly, I even got a little teary because one of my favourite horses died during track work a few weeks ago (I blame tiredness and hormones for that!).

The Spring Carnival is in full swing, but sadly I don't think I'll be getting to any meets. I'd happily take D along, but I just don't think it's going to happen. So the frocks will stay hanging in the cupboard and the fascinators on the shelf.

For a lot of people racing is just about gambling or swilling champagne. There is a lot more to it. For Skip, it's sport and form and spectacle and history (though a win that pays for a meal out doesn't disappoint either). For me, it's social and fun. It's a great day out to share with friends and we've met interesting people through racing. There's nothing quite like the sound of a field of horses as the approach the winning post. I love that it's an event where the Queen and you're average working person could attend and enjoy with the same enthusiasm. How often does that happen?

It makes me smile when I see Skip and the girls cheer on a race together. D has even sat with his dad watching the races. I'm sure it's something we'll continue to love and share as a family for years to come.

Does your family have a shared passion or hobby?


  1. Oh Skip sounds just like my Scott. He is a passionate races man, he always recalls with such fondness going to the races with his dad and best mate from the age of 11 (!!) Hmm, yes he started on the punt early :o/
    He has always lived in the area we are now and we're obviously just up the road from the track, so it carries some wonderful memories for him. He even relishes in going past the track on the bus to and from work each day. He talks of days as a teenager walking around the back of the Waterhouse's stables and just admiring the beautiful horses. I can relate to this post very much Corinne.
    What a shame you don't think you'll get out to a meet this year. Maybe even a half day might be in order, just wait and see. Personally, I love the dressing up, the bubbly and the excitement. Always a good day out at the races :o) xo

  2. I've only ever been to the races a few times but I've always enjoyed it, it's such a fun day out!

  3. My brother is into the races like that. He didn't go to school on a Melbourne Cup day in his life! My husband and I are huge F1 fans....same sort of thing - there's so much to the sport apart from just the win. The politics, the history, the teams. We love it!

  4. No we don't and it's something I really lament. Horse racing is just fabulous fun with so much to offer... A great family passion for sure. x

  5. That's a fantastic family passion.
    I love the races - but more as a novelty/social occasion/bubbly drinking excuse than a hobby!

  6. Hubby loves cycling, and this influences the family because we ride our bikes together at any given opportunity. I only got mine last month, and I'm loving it. I don't ride like Hubby though - I'm more of a 10km, leisurely ride kinda gal...Hubby does the 90km weekend morning hard core rides.

    I can just see the boys sitting with him watching the Tour de France together in the future!

  7. Hubby is really into racing (he was Sports Editor at one time) and gets rather excited when racing season approaches. I did get into too for a while, but since the princesses have come along it hasn't been high on my radar! Maybe we need to change that! :)

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