Monday 31 October 2011

Driven to a song

I love singing when I'm driving. Like seriously one of my most favourite things to do. Nothing better than cruising down the City-West Link onto the Anzac bridge crooning a fab tune. On a rare quiet moment the other day in the car, Goosey said to me: "Why aren't you singing, Mum?"

The other day when I went to pick up Goose from preschool we were a little late as I had to finish singing the song on the radio before we went in (House of Fun, Madness), Lil-lil happily joined in.

As I was belting our the final bars, I started thinking, "What is the best song to sing while driving?"
I don't think it's a song that's necessarily a favourite. It's not something you'd put on at a dinner party. It's something that just feels great to belt out.

To find out  what is the best song, I decided to ask some bloggers, some friends and some family to find out. Interestingly, the 80s came up trumps, though that may just be the demographic I asked.

Julie from Mama of Two Boys said: "I LOVE singing in the car and there are oodles of songs I enjoy shouting out. Probably my faves would be anything by The Killers... maybe Mr Brightside or Powderfinger... maybe Footprints or This Life."

Pink Patent Mary Janes revealed: "Don't You Want Me, Human League or Barry Manilow's Copacabana (Yes, I am that daggy!"

Eden from Edenland said: "At the moment it's GunsNRoses' Get In The Ring. Downloaded it last week and can sing EVERY word." (Eden, I think Skip will want to divorce to and marry you after reading this)

Cherie from A Baby Called Max said: "Hands down, To Her Door by Paul Kelly.  For some reason, it's one I feel an intemse need to sing at the top of my lungs."

Eleanor from Shopping the Closet said: "It's got to be Don't Stop Believing by Journey. A classic meant only for belting out in the shower or car.Or if you are drunk at a wedding."

Beth from BabyMac chose another classic: "Sister Christian by Night Ranger."

Maxabella Loves... revealed: "In the privacy of the car where no one but the kids can hear me scream? Oh, that would have to be Tammy Wynette:  Stand By Your Man!"

My good mate Michele from Tiny Trappings (who only recently got her licence at 34 years old) said: "It has to be The Police! I am a sucker for a little '80s rock... doo doo doo da da da da, Message in a Bottle, Walking on the Moon... Ahhh they are all classic car songs!"

Skip, husband extraordinaire, said: "Either Gomez or Coldplay. Probably Gomez' Get Myself Arrested."

Daniel, a friend who likes singing loudly anywhere, occassionally sings with his own band and appeared on this blog driving minis, said: "The Shock of the Lightning, Oasis."

Goosey said: "Just a spoon full of sugar!"

Lil-lil said: "Wonderfully Pretty!" (Love Cats by The Cure)

Now, my thoughts.... Well it has to be something you can really belt, one that makes you feel like an awesome singer. My first thought was something Motown, but that's just cliched. My second thought was Footloose cause when isn't Kenny Loggins awesome to sing in the car? 

But then I realised, it was this song. Perfect. Especially if you can get some back up singers in the back seat...

What's your favourite song to sing while driving??


  1. Anything on 2CH. This morning it was "I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you have a brand new key..."

  2. I look even daggier in that list than I thought - me and Tammy both. Plus, I made one of those typos that I just hate: here, hear. What a moron.

    PS - Is it ten weeks yet? Almost? Getting there, Corinne... I thought of you when I wrote my Nocturnal post.


  3. AAhhhh love all teh suggestions...but my son always tells me to stop singing lol. He says adults shouldn't sing hehehe I may be a little out of tune...

  4. Yep. I am a bogan :)

    I have such a craving for 'stand by your man' now :)


  5. Ummmmm ..... Gomez Get Myself Arrested? Gives me a hard-on.

    I think I'm in love with your husband GREAT. Now I'm gonna wreck a marriage.

    .... can I just say, congrats to Michele for getting her license. I got mine when I was 30, so I now where she's at. Well DONE.


  6. So going to google do I not know them????

  7. Haha, this is great Corinne, love the compilation of tracks in this post. Lately, Angus' favourite film clip has also become his favourite song to sing in the car. Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. And he makes me sing the "lady's part of the song". So there I am bashing out Kimbra's lines at the traffic lights, while he sings Gotye. It seriously cracks me up ;o)
    "True" is a great song to sing in the car or anywhere really xo

  8. Robbie - Angels
    Pink - Funhouse
    Beyonce - Single Ladies
    LFMAO - Party Rock Anthem

    I'm a teenager trapped in this thirty something body. Heeellllpp!!!

    Actually, correct that.
    Violent Femmes - any track at all.
    I'm thirty three, for God's sake.

  9. Oh yes, have to agree with Maxabella Loves. Tammy Wynette: Stand By Your Man!"


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