Saturday 15 October 2011

Due date

Today is little D's due date. It's quite odd to think that if things had been the way they were meant to be, he'd only just be making his way into the world.

Instead, he's already been with us for 6.5 weeks. Already has grown out of clothes. Already been places and met people. Had cuddles. Been smothered by his big sisters. Shed tears and caused tears.

Instead of being a new creature, he's already sealed his place in our home and lives.

Instead of October 15 being a big day in our lives, it will just be another day. It will just mark six sleeps to Lil-lil's birthday.

It makes me realise how little you can actually control or plan life. We're all just along for the ride.


  1. He truly is delightfully gorgeous. I just want to snuggle him xx

  2. The idea that we are just along for the ride is soo true, but I think that this fact is half the fun!

  3. It is completely spinning me out that today is D's due date - and I've never even met the gorgeousz little man.
    I can't even imagine how this must be making you feel.
    Happy 6 days til Lil-lil's birthday day!

  4. He is just gorgeous.

    Sometimes as life moves along all we can do is hang on (sometimes only by our fingernails), other times we can just sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope you get more time to just enjoy the ride.

  5. Oh ain't that the truth Corinne, amazing how it all gets taken out of our hands the majority of the time.
    I love this post, it is so surreal when you look at the what if's and the what have's in life. One thing is for sure. it's all worked out for the best, which is such a blessing. You have the most beautiful boy there, so perfect and peaceful swaddled in his blankie :o) xo

  6. Crazy, right?
    I am swooning over those cheeks...could he be any cuter???

  7. Congrats Corinne! He's gorgeous and such a cutie having a snooze. I've been away from blogging but with some good news ....another baby on the way due Feb.

    Little D is a beautiful blessing and hugs to him for me.

  8. My eldest son was also born 6 weeks early. So I have been reading your blogs with great interest and they bring back many memories for me of the time. It's funny, 5 years on, thankfully I can't even remember his due date. I still do go into a small panic when I hear of women delivering prematurely. The time in the premmie ward is so brief, but streches out like an eternity when you are in the midst of it.

    hmm so many thoughts about this part of my life. perhaps a blog :P

    take care of yourself.


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