Tuesday 18 October 2011

Nothing to fear but unsettled babes

Yesterday was one of those crap days. I was tired - no sleep will do that to you.

We got to preschool an hour late.

D decided not to sleep. He just wanted to cry. All. Day. Long.

Nothing jangles your nerves like no sleep and a crying, unsettled baby.

Panic seeped in. Oh god, here we go again. My easy-going textbook boy was going to turn into my girls and become a non-sleeping screamer. The thought had me quaking in my boots. I tried to remain calm, but the memories of unsettled girls were too raw.

He was unsettled until about 9pm when he finally collapsed with exhaustion, me following soon after.

Today is a better day. He has gone back to his easy-going self. I feel less crazy. I can cope on broken sleep. Give me a couple of hours of zzzs and I'm OK. I cope with unsettledness as long as it's not constant. On no sleep and a lot of crying, I withdraw and start to become a crazy lady.  I know, I've been there.

Who knows what tomorrow brings. I won't stop fearing until he's about 15!


  1. How well I remember that feeling of panic when you start to think your baby is 'on the turn'. Yikes!

    Such dread for me too, as Maxi was such a bloody complicated baby.

    Cheers to a settled little dude tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the... x

  2. My stomach actually went into knots reading that feeling you described, I know it so well.

    Max is ... horrific at the moment. Cries all day!

    Wants to be held all day. And cries the minute you put him down. It's been like this for 3 weeks, & I'm the crazy lady you described, haha.

    Today has been the first good day! I touched our timber floors when I wrote that, so as not to jinx myself.

    They constantly keep you guessing, don't they?

  3. Boys certainly are different to girls I think.

    Ted is teething at the moment and isn't himself, poor little thing.

    Hang in there. The sun is on its way. Summer is almost here. Tomorrow is always a new fresh day.


  4. sheesh I remember plenty of those days its awful when you are utterly exhausted and they just wont stop crying... big hugs x

  5. You bring the memories flooding back!
    This too shall pass.
    This too shall pass.
    This too shall pass.
    I'm glad today was better.

  6. You poor love. As always you've managed to so descriptively post your feelings into words, so well that it made me feel a little uneasy reading them.
    You know for the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about how scary those newborn weeks are. I remember after Felix I kept thinking "what have we done?!". The first 10 weeks were rough as. I can relate to the 'crazy lady' only too well... I've been there too! So happy you had some respite today xo


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