Monday 24 October 2011

48-hour party people

Well what a weekend that was!

WE started on Friday, with Lil-lil's birthday. After ballet class, some lovely friends packed a picnic and set up in our backyard for the first celebration. With the sun shining, we ate and chatted and sang happy birthday before I had to dash to Coles and prepare for the evening festivities.

Lil-lil's family and godparents came and had a sausage sizzle (seriously, is there anything better than a snag sanga??). Both girls were spoilt rotten with presents and cake. The weather was finally warm and sunny and I think it was just one of many BBQs to happen in our yard this season.

Once the girls were in bed, it was time for a glass of wine and to pack the party bags. Some chat and laughs with my sister-in-law, Lil's godfather and Skip made the job easier.

Saturday arrived and it was time for birthday celebration phase 2. I  got started on the cake while Skip and the girls set up. It was time for me to shine in my role as dodgy kids' cake maker. A unicorn was requested and Lil declared that the end result looked like a camel. You be the judge....

Dodgy cake, made with love.

Twelve preschool mates descended on our house. There was colouring, trampoline jumping, dancing, pin-the-horn on the unicorn, same cake eating and then it was all over for another year. Phew!

A quick change of clothes, girls off to Grandma's and Skip, D and I headed to a friend's 40th. It was held in their home, the most beautiful family home I've ever been in. There was some serious house envy going on. Home again, by the time I fed D it was past 1am and I collapsed into bed.

Sunday morning with just the baby, Skip and I pretended we only had one child and pushed the pram up the street for a quiet cafe brekky. We stopped and chatted to friends and neighbours we bumped into along the way. Soaked up the sun. Enjoyed the peace.

Before long, the peace was broken and the girls arrived home hyped up from a weekend of fun.

Now it's Monday morning, once again. Another week to tackle.

How was your weekend?


  1. Happy birthday lil lil!

    That's the best dodgy cake I ever saw ;)

    100% unicorn right there :)

  2. Oh Corinne, how have you even found the scrap of energy required to post about all this?! Wow - some weekend that was. And I agree with Cherie - the glittery horn nails it! J x

  3. Well done you.
    You never cease to amaze me.
    After the past couple of months, on birthday day you may have found me in a corner sobbing - not whipping up a gorgeous unicorn/camel creation.
    Have a fantastic week.

  4. Dodgy cake my's totally a unicorn...and quite a fab one to boot!

    Glad your weekend was so filled with love and fun!


  5. Lady I am EXHAUSTED reading this. Hope you get a chance to get your feet up this week x

    And the cake? TRIUMPH!

  6. oh it all sounded brilliant rin! Congrats to you and skip for gettin through it all and for making such a great cake! Looked like a unicorn to me! xx

  7. You better have your feet up right now - or be asleep (even better!).

    Love the cake. It's SO not a camel. x

  8. Oh well done Corinne, that cake is superb! In no way dodgy or camel like. Love the rainbow coloured hair and necklace. You're a top Mama :o)
    Your weekend sounds wonderfully perfect, right down to the civilised walk with your 'one child' in the pram... it's nice to pretend for a moment now and then ;o)
    Hope the week ahead allows for some catch up relaxation time xo

  9. Hi Corrine, I've been reading your blog for a while and enjoy your stories! Could really relate to the peaceful coffee with one baby thing (having a toddler and two older rowdy kids myself). It's funny how you don't appreciate how quiet it is with just one baby til you have more of them that fight with each other, jump around and have a million things to tell you/ask you all day. Nice work on the dodgy cake btw I think it looks so much better than a bought one with edible transfer on top (which is what i've been doing lately).


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