Thursday 6 October 2011

The butterfly effect - a giveaway

If you read this blog for more than five minutes, you'll know my girls have always been fairly crap sleepers. Over the years, I've been desperate and tried many, many things to get them to sleep. Once upon a time, I bought a lavender bubble bath that promised to promote deep, restful sleep. Yeah, I know, I was desperate. It may not have made them sleep but it sure smelt nice and then the girls smelt sweet too, even if they were awake.

Recently, I was sent some gorgeous baby bath products to celebrate baby D's birth. The Butterfly Essence range is all organic, no nasties and is made in Australia.

The Lavender & Chamomile bubble bath produces lots of lovely bubbles and smells divine. The girls absolutely love it and have started asking for it at every bath. Baby D just screams when I bath him, but I'm sure he likes it on the inside.

The powder is all natural, talc-free and made from Australian white clay and essential oils. I have to confess I've been using this after my shower, it reminds me of my grandma who used to smother me in lavender talcum powder when I stayed with her.

The shampoo smells as good as the other products. The girls like it on their hair and have not fought off the usual hair washing. Baby D has basically no hair so has no opinion. I like that my hands smell nice afterwards and the girls go off to bed in a lavender haze.

I have three packs each featuring these three Butterfly Essence products to give away to three lucky readers. Each pack is worth A$45.85.

To enter, just comment below and tell me your most desperate attempt to get a child to do something (or if you don't have a child, someone else). Open to Australian residents only.

Entries close 8pm (AEST), Sunday 9 October, 2011. 


  1. Have spent hours and hours singing to my baby D to try and get him to sleep. I sang so much I almost lost my voice. Sadly, it didn't work.

  2. I once paid H 5 cents a poop if he did it in the toilet.

  3. I used to bring lavender talcum powder to my old job in aged care, because I LOVED how my residents smelt after I showered them. Their families used to LOVE it compared to the non fragrances clinical stuff they used at the facility.

    As for crazy, well, I'm sure every mother's done it, but I drove for 2 hours at 11pm at night just to get Max to sleep. It worked, but my husband thought I was insane!

    Seriously, you'll do anything for baby sleep. Anything! :)

  4. My desperate attempts usually end in bribery. Am not afraid to use chocoloate because it almost always works!

  5. When teaching my Big Girl how to poo on the potty, I promised her if she did it, I'd take a photo of it and show her dad the picture when he came home.

    It worked - she pooed, and dad had a 'lovely' surprise when he got home...

  6. Haha, you're sure baby D likes it on the inside... love it Corinne. What a sweet post. Lavender is so beautiful, I've always loved the smell. It's great for headaches too, such a clever flower ;o)
    I feel like every day is filled with moments of desperation in trying to get the boys to do things, but probably the most extreme one I can think of right now, is sleeping IN Angus' cot with him, just so he would stay there and sleep. I did this for a whole week, no joke. Bloody hard to get in and out of one of those things :o) xo

  7. I pay my 4 year old 50 cents to fetch beers from the fridge for me. Bad, lazy mumma- I know!
    He should have his RSA certificate by now!

  8. I always find the the most effective way to get anybody to do what you want them to is to convince them it's theis idea. I learned this one the hard way from my super salesman dad ;-)


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