Tuesday 10 August 2010

Where would you go?

When life gets a little too much, when it's too busy or stressful, too chaotic and full-on, do you have somewhere you wish you could retreat to? When you just want to pull the blankets up over your head and stay in bed all day, do you wish you had a teleporter that could zap you somewhere peaceful, serene, quiet?

Where would that place be? What would you do with that one precious day away from the world. A day just for you, no one else. A day that when you returned to the real world would have re energised you and ironed out all the stress. A tropical resort? A mountain retreat? A read of a good book in your favourite armchair?

For me, I would go to my Grandma's house in the country. I would wake up to the sound of her and her husband shuffling around in the kitchen, clanging tea cups and cereal bowls. The ABC news in the background behind exclamations of "You silly old fool". I would look around the pink bedroom I always slept in, the rose door handles which were the height of chic to me. I would see the bright blue background of the photo of my late great aunt on the wall.

After breakfast, we'd potter around the garden, feed the fish in the pond, sit in the morning sun and chat as the bees buzzed from flower to flower, with a whiff of rosemary coming from the bush below the clothes line. The cross word would be completed after much pondering and queries called out.

The grandfather clock would strike midday and we'd sit down to lunch (or dinner as they called it). A big hearty meal, baked custard and apples for dessert. Dishes cleared and washed and it was time for a kip. Sleep comes quickly and easily in this house, whether it's the air or the rhythmic tick-tock of the clocks, I'm not sure.

We'd wake and take a dip in the pool. After drying off it's time for afternoon tea and a game of Scrabble or Boggle. A lot of laughter and accusations of cheating ensues and before long it's time to pull the heavy curtains closed and get the tea ready.

Dinner (or tea) of lunch leftovers and then settling back to watch the ABC news and other programs for the evening before retiring for the night. Waking up the next morning in the real world, I would feel like I'd had a month's holiday.


  1. Sounds heavenly Corinne...
    I'd like a day by myself where I could lie on the beach and read a book from cover to cover. Head to a cafe and have a slow, leisurely lunch then escape to boutiques for some frivolous shopping (the ones where I don't have to worry if the pram is going to fit into the aisles)....

  2. I'd like to go into the woods & camp beside a bubbling creek & just camp for a day or two if I could.

  3. Well, if you don't mind I think I'd be right alongside you at your grandparents' - sounds like the most blissful place on earth. What beautiful, beautiful memories.

  4. just beautiful Corinnie,
    When i need a stress free break i would go to the beautiful country side and stay at this little old cottage with a good hearty book and keep cosy with the fire on,hot cuppa and a blanket;-) Then i would stop and say hello to you at your granparents house lol...

  5. How lovely Corinne. Your grandparents house sounds a treat!

    I'd be at the family beach house in Noosa. Basking in the sun by the pool. Then I'd hit Hastings Street for some icecream and then dinner by the river.


  6. What a beautiful post. I love 5-star hotels, with hot and cold running everything and time to just sit and think.

  7. Oh lovely. I hope my gals remember their grandma's place like this. Such lovely memories. I'm with Life in a Pink Fibro. Give me a 5 star hotel with King Size bed, TV in front of me, champagne next to the bed and room service on the way...that is, after soaking in a very large tub, preferably during the hours of 4pm-7pm when life is normally a little, shall we say, feral.

  8. sounds alot like our visits to nana+pops place after they moved into town from the farm!! Very nostalgic...x

  9. What great memories to have. When I was sent to my grandparents place I was allowed to watch TV in the mornings in bed. How decadent!

    Todya though, I think I'd just like some peace and quiet. And my brain to slow down.


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