Monday 30 August 2010

Ladies who lunch

This morning I decided Lil-lil and I needed to to spend some time together, one-on-one. She tends to have to share the limelight with her sister quite a lot, so I thought it would be nice to do something grown up together. Something just for her.

So, we got on the bus, went into town and grabbed lunch and a movie. Her eyes were abuzz with all the action of the city. I think her eyes nearly popped out of her head when we stepped into the cinema complex and she saw a life-size Buzz and Woody, "I can't believe it!" she crowed.

With an enormous box of popcorn on her lap, her eyes remained popping as she sat and watched Tinkerbell on the big screen. As soon as the lights came on at the end, she jumped up and said "Let's have lunch at a restaurant." How could I refuse?

The height of sophistication for Lil-lil is a Sushi Train, as luck would have it there was one next door to the movie. As soon as she spotted the Japanese delights turning on the conveyor belt, she dragged me over. "This is the restaurant where we eat."

We got back on the bus, tired and full. It felt a little indulgent for a Monday, but before I know it she'll be off at school and these opportunities to play ladies will become less. I'm soaking up these moments.


  1. What a beautiful way to spend the day.
    It's refreshing to hear about a gal who really knows what she wants...I hope she holds on to this quality as she progresses through the different phases of her life...if not it's something to revel in now.
    x Felicity

  2. That just lovely! And bless her wee socks for loving the sushi train xx

  3. Bless, nothing like abit of mother-daughter bonding x

  4. How lovely!

    Sounds like the perfect Mummy+Daughter day to me ;)


  5. Sounds perfect! I really need to do something similar with my number one gal...thanks for the reminder :)

  6. What a sweet way to spend the day!
    What memories you've created for her!

  7. That's wonderful! Sounds like it was fun for her and you.

  8. I'd say Monday is the best day to do that kind of thing.

  9. beautiful moments to share...such fun.


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