Friday 20 August 2010

Thank you, Tony Abbott

As you all know I've been lacking a bit of fire in the belly recently. Well this morning I was listening to the radio and heard the words "On Sunday we may well have a new PM in Tony Abbott."

I got goosebumps. Not the good kind. The fire was reignited, it became a blaze. I was ready to blog again.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia. Those are very, very scary words. As former PM, Paul Keating said "If Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister of Australia, then God help us".

Can people seriously have forgotten WorkChoices? Forgotten the time when Abbott was Health Minister and stripped $1 billion from the hospital system? When as Health Minister used his own religious beliefs to block the introduction of RU486? When he fell asleep in his office and missed the vote for the government's stimulus package, which he now says he was 'strenuously opposed to'?

Remember when Mr Abbott said a paid parental leave system would happen "over this government's dead body". I suspect if he becomes PM his paid parental leave system will vanish with his other non-core policies.

Remember when he said climate change was "absolute crap".

Remember when he said he felt "threatened" by gay people.

I am a Labor supporter, but if Malcom Turnbull or Joe Hockey were the Liberal leader I would not be writing this post, urging you to think about who you will vote for. I truly believe that having Tony Abbott as our country's leader is dangerous. I want a leader who respects the rights of people of every gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality and age.

But don't listen to my words, listen to his

Remember, vote early and vote often!


  1. Bravo! There's quite the difference between a Liberal government and an Abbot-led Liberal government. And it's a very chilling one.

  2. Good post. I agree, a country with that man leading it is not what I am after for all the reasons you mentioned. A bit nervous though..... I don't think Labor has it in the bag by any means.

  3. Great post! Mr Abbott as PM would be very dangerous ideed, thank you for helping me make up my mind on who to vote for tomorrow

  4. It isn't a nice thought. At all. Though I have to say that the Libs have run the better scare campaign. I'm quite concerned about the outcome tomorrow.

  5. I'm with you on the goosebumps. The scary kind. Thanks for speaking out!

  6. OMG! I agree to what you said! Abbott seems like a real dangerous person for Australia!

  7. I am really really worried about the outcome of tomorrow. Really worried. I'll be voting Green/Labor and God help us if Abbott gets in. It will be a dark time for sure.

  8. Absolutely.

    Love that last quote, it was one of my Grandfathers favourites!!! lol

  9. Yay! You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eloquently put and quite right, good post. Thanks Rin, now don't you go anywhere :)

  10. here here!!! maybe you should be running?!! I agree with you.... Im not a labour person but this is about our thoughts on abbott as prime minister.... and that prospect scares the shit out of me too!!!

  11. Swing voters are fickle they don't remember what a previous government has done, they just bitch and moan about the poor job that the current government is doing. Scary stuff indeed!

  12. Great posting Rin. Labour (or green) should turn it into an ad!


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