Monday 9 August 2010

Party people

It seems that I have a couple of little party people on my hands. We had a pretty social weekend and the girls thought it was the best time ever. Socialising, eating, performing, chatting, getting out amongst it – they love it all.

When we told them we had BBQs, lunches and outings on a various friends houses they were busting at the seams. "Can we go now? Please, please, please?"

Once out they're not even a tiny bit shy. They make sure they soak up every moment of the action and are involved in every joke. If they can convince everyone to watch their dancing and singing shows, then all the better. Of course, they never, ever want to go home. They were really tired as there hasn't been a huge amount of sleep going on in this house at present, but once they're out and about they're happy little Vegemites with not a whinge in sight.  I can see their future as a flurry of outings and parties.

This morning is a different story. After a weekend of late nights, early mornings and lots of partying in between they are bushed today. Whingy and tired. Little Goosey didn't even put up a fight going down at lunchtime and Big Lil-lil is happy watching telly and flicking through some books. A cup of tea and some computer time would seem the perfect way to recharge my own batteries, but our neighbours are re-doing their kitchen and there is a drilling and banging on our shared wall that would wake the dead.


  1. I feel your pain Corinne, regarding neighbours doing renos.

    Our neighbours upstairs have been renovating 2 apartments side by side for the last 6 months!!! Every day, without fail, I hear sawing, drilling, banging, hammering, sanding... something... I'm beyond mental about it now. I loathe living in the city.

    Hang in there xx

    Also, your weekend sounds full on! Hope the girls go to bed early tonight too.


  2. I can see them there, party clothes on, living the life. Gorgeous. Today, you see, they're 'hungover'... you know the feeling!


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